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Testimonials Premium adds onto the best WordPress testimonials plugin there is, Testimonials . Testimonials Premium offers caching, excerpts, filters, read more links, more selection options, and advanced capabilities like using custom post types as testimonials. Additionally, users can submit their own testimonials via a front-end form shortcode or widget.

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1. Single `[testimonials]` entry with and without ‘Read more’ link

‘Read more’ is a premium feature

[testimonials char_limit=100 ids=14473]

No testimonials found

[testimonials ids=14473]

No testimonials found

2. Widget with “Read more” and Next/Prev links

‘Read more’, `show_controls`, `require_excerpt`, and `minimum_length` are premium features

[testimonials_slider show_controls=true keep_whitespace=true char_limit=250 minimum_length=100]


@comprock very nice fix man. installed and def gonna use. nice work on this plugin. was absolutely what i was looking for. #faithrestored

Jonathan Bentz

[testimonials_slider show_controls=true require_excerpt=true]

Awesome Effort Read more

4. `[testimonials_links]` Shortcode examples

‘testimonials_links` is a premium features

[testimonials_links limit=3 hide_image=true]

[testimonials_links limit=3]

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7. `require_image`, `minimum_length` and `maximum_length` shortcode option examples

These are premium features

[testimonials_slider require_image=true show_controls=true]

I love the testimonial widget! Read more
Rosemary MillerHutchinson, KS

[testimonials_slider minimum_length=250 char_limit=250]

Thanks for getting back to me… sadly that’s a little bit beyond my skills! so would welcome it at some point in the future! I have purchased the premium version and looking forward to its development! as it stands, its a cracking plugin and I… Read more
Stewart ClarkeStewart Clarke PhotographyBristol

[testimonials_slider maximum_length=100]

The new addition to the widget is perfect! Thanks!
iamrobinSocial Media / Digital Marketing Consultant

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9. `[testimonials_count]` Examples

These are premium features



[testimonials_count category=wordpress]


[testimonials_count tags=support]


[testimonials_count category=wordpress tags=support]


[testimonials_count post_type=post]


22. `[testimonials_slider limit=3 show_controls=true require_ratings=3 require_image=true hide_excerpt=true]` Show testimonials having at least 3 stars and a featured image, but don’t show the excerpt

These are premium features

I’ll shortly buy the premium version just to say thanks, though the free version has everything I need and more.

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Horizontal slider – `[testimonials_slider carousel_count=3 transition_mode=horizontal slide_width=250 slide_margin=25 require_ratings=1]`

These are premium features

Just what I was looking, for but … Read more
AnnePenguin Office ServicesUnited Kingdom
Scott Hendison
Thanks for all your help Read more
Scott HendisonCEOSearch CommanderPortland, Oregon
Nathalie Brown
awesome , fast and helpful
Nathalie BrownChild Behaviour ConsultantAustralian Research Alliance For Children & YouthHeathmont, Austalia
Scott Hendison
um…. wow! Read more
Scott HendisonCEOSearch CommanderPortland, Oregon
Thanks from debwork.com
Debra Vandenbroucke
there is no better TESTIMONIALS plugin on the market Read more
John E. LittonAlways Looking Up

Awesome support Michael. Thanks resolved the issue for me.

Dean MathDesignerSydney, Australia
Very prompt response, and good description despite the network making it impossible to view my screencast. Thank you Michael, i’m always amazed that you can get back so eagerly, must be a huge task supporting the plugin, and I for one appreciate it greatly.
Darryl ButlerWeb DesignerItchybrain ProductionsCanberra, Australia
English Language Centre
Dedicated author and excellent testimonials plugin Read more
BarnezTeacherEnglish Language CentreReino Unido
YOAST SEO Plugin-in BULK EDITS! Read more

Vertical slider – `[testimonials_slider carousel_count=2 slide_margin=50 transition_mode=vertical show_controls=true show_pager=true show_start_stop=true]`

These are premium features

Reuven Cohen
Michael is an energetic as well as enthusiastic content management professional. Michael is extremely comfortable in a variety of business settings, a consummate technology virtuoso.
Reuven CohenCEOEnomaly, Inc.
Easy answer … you asked AND you make an incredible product! Read more
John E. LittonAlways Looking Up
Fantastic plugin for testimonials in widgets or otherwise Read more
TzaddiWeb Designer, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
Bryan Tevreden
This is a great plugin
Bryan TevredenTevreden Training Services
Great Plugin Read more
David HollanderWeb Developer, IdahoSparkWeb Interactive
Thank you. Great testimonials plugin. We’ll be recommending to our clients.
Susie StevensEditing | Proofreading | Online Writing | Web DevelopmentBOLDtypeSydney
Thanks again, I’m going to buy you a beer.
lonrotCosta Rica
Alana, Calahonda, Maternity, Pool, Spain
Great widget btw!
Alana BurtonSEO VirginSussex
First and foremost, excellent plugin. I hope you continue to support this as there are a ton of old and outdated testimonial/random text/quote/review WP plugins in the repository. This is one of the best if not the best one available.
Chris Cane
Again! Thanks for the help! Use me for a reference any day that ends in the letter ‘y’ :-)

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