Ruediger Roller

Thanks very much for the excellent work.


had to sleep a couple of hours.

What a great start into this day. I am really glad to know you. There will be more support issues for sure in the future.

That’s always the best put the code in its own file and include it. You definitely know what you’re doing and keep things well organized and structured. Sometimes I wish I had more time again for coding and real developer work. Same with Linux and sys admin. I made a php cert back in 2006 and the LPIC cert in 2011. But I forgot loads of details and could only maintain a basic understanding in many parts of the technologies.

But it helps a lot nowadays to build up solid Internet Marketing strategies. And mobile is an additional challenge to develop and integrate. I am working with Moovweb from San Francisco to transform ecommerce sites into mobile ready solutions. Much better approach than cloud based or
responsive design solutions because you can keep the existing websites and all the functionality of the backend just transforming what should change for mobile. I want to use this technology for all my further Amazon stores.

Thanks very much for the excellent work. Take care.


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