Micke Berg

Micke Berg
Oh my god! It actually works!

I’ve just tested to do some editing, and from what i can see it works as a clockwork! I don´t think you understand how grateful i am to this!

As you were worrying about how hard it would be for non technical users to work with this i can say that you won’t have to worry about that. An easy description about how to add columns and then what the removing relation option do to woocommerce relations, and you are good to go! That was super easy and i am a novice in this area!

I will try it out on the site, and if it all works, like i absolutely think it will, i’ll be more than happy to do a donation for your help! Im not that rich at the moment but i will definitely contribute for this plugin! And i can assure you this, if my sites take of i will send that 500$ with ease because this will help me SO much!

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