Brenda Dewey

terrific help and support

I would like to thank the following Red Cross (RC) and CNET members for the terrific help and support at our October 15 Safe in the Sound presentation:

Lance Davenport (Coupeville Town Marshall, CNET)
Eve Parrish (CNET)
Nancy Waddell (RC)
Mike Dilley (RC)
Clara Gusenius (RC)
Ricardo Reyes (RC and CNET)
Bill and Laurett Walther (CNET)
Bonnie Abney (CNET)
Michael Cannon (CNET)

Because of the great teamwork, the event went very smoothly and was successful in reinforcing the importance of personal emergency preparedness.

We had 34 attendees (not including those of us who volunteered at the event), passed out dozens of emergency preparedness literature, and received $20 in cash donations.

Thank you all again for the great work!

Brenda Dewey

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