Buona sera da T3Camp Italia di Bologna

Oct 28, 2011

It’s Friday in Bologna Italy. What brought me here you ask? T3Camp Italia TYPO3 is a global community that I am proud member of. Though my Italian language skills aren’t as strong as I’d like, they’re enough to break the ice and have a general clue about the 10 presentations today. If you’re free Saturday, understand […]

Change TYPO3 Header Layout Options

Oct 25, 2011

Customizing the TYPO3 header layout options is an old topic, but one that’s still valid today. Yesterday, I was having to look up modifying the header layout for a barebones site to add in a special header styling option. Since finding the answer took looking at a few resources, I thought I’d share my findings. […]

Munich’s First FLOW3 User Group is November 8

Oct 18, 2011

Patrick Lobacher just announced on the TYPO3 Usergroup München mailing list that Munich’s First FLOW3 User Group is happening November 8, 2011 at 7 PM. You can find the MFUG at Kurt Mahler Hall, Cultural Center Giesinger station, Giesinger Station 1, 81539 Munich. Visit MFUG - Munich FLOW User Group or read the original [TYPO3-UG […]

TYPO3 Backend Layouts - The Grid View

Oct 14, 2011

As I’m back into active development with TYPO3, I’m learning all kinds of tips and tricks that I’ve missed. Backend layouts are a good example of a TYPO3 benefit that I should have known about. When you get into using source code management, TemplaVoila doesn’t stay practical. As such, I’ll be transitioning into using FLUIDTEMPLATE‘s for […]

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