TYPO3 Importer for WordPress - 2.0.1 Update

Dec 10, 2011

I love developing and in turn solving problems with software, it’s something I do whether I’m getting paid or not. As a couple of big TYPO3 to WordPress conversions are coming up, I wanted to revise my TYPO3 Importer for them. The 1.0 TYPO3 Importer releases sufficed for small, simpler sites with hundreds of news, but […]

Customize the TYPO3 Workspace Notification Messages

Dec 1, 2011

TYPO3′s default Workspace status change notification emails give the basics of what’s needed. unfortunately, they’re not exactly the prettiest messages around. However, as with most things TYPO3 related, you have some control over the output. While you do have control over the output, you don’t have control over adding or moving data variables around. Those […]

TYPO3 Old School: Create a simple mail form

Nov 15, 2011

TYPO3′s FORM content object is pretty powerful and flexible by its own right. You often don’t need to go with the more powerful mail forms unless there’s specific functionality missing. The code that follows shows a basic contact form for sales & support requests. It checks that the given email is valid. Upon form submission, […]

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