The Ultimate TYPO3 Resource List

Aug 28, 2009

Or at least the start of the ultimate list As I look over the results from our TYPO3 Training Methods Effectiveness Survey and finish up our paper for presenting at T3CON09, I see that there are a lot of methods used to learn TYPO3. Everyone has a different learning style, there is no one correct […]

Keeping up with TYPO3

Jul 12, 2009

Like all things in the Information Age, keeping up with TYPO3 is a double edged sword. There is tons of information available, but the problem is keeping up with all. This is a good problem to have, so I am not complaining, but I am struggling to find a solution on: How best to make […]

TYPO3 Training - What Works?

May 23, 2009

TYPO3 Training Method Effectiveness Survey Launched I have written a number of blog postings here about TYPO3 training and what I perceive as problems associated with overcoming the TYPO3 learning curve, a factor that is often mentioned (perhaps more than any other) as a reason for not using TYPO3 by individuals, agencies and potential clients […]

Training Method Effectiveness for Learning TYPO3

May 9, 2009

As I have mentioned before, I believe that the biggest barrier to the adoption of TYPO3 is the perception that it is too difficult to learn. Many of the frustrations one sees expressed are from people who have given up because of the steep learning curve. There are a number of facets to this argument. […]

Busting 4 Myths About Open Source

Apr 22, 2009

The second thing that angered me last week was on the topic of open source myths. It began when I received my copy of the May, 2009, issue of Website Magazine. This is the ONLY free industry publication that I actually read and I thought it was a pretty good until this week. What did […]

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