JavaScript Regular Expression for Matching Strings

Jan 17, 2012

Sometimes, using JavaScript’s own built-in objects really makes life easier for when the inline auto-typing constructs fail. In the case that lead up to this tip, the typical JavaScript inline regular expression declaration failed for some painful to debug reason. Offender… This cDay declaration failed to match strings ‘DAY1′ and ‘DAY2′, but did correctly match […]

Static header or footer navigation with TypoScript

Jan 10, 2012

Creating inline, static header or footer navigation for your TYPO3 website is easy. Just copy and paste the following TypoScript code into your TypoScript template’s Setup section and then call as needed into your TemplaVoila or TypoScript page template to create your own static header navigation. You can adjust what pages show by changing […]

See All Extensions in TYPO3 Extension Manager

Jan 3, 2012

TYPO3′s Extension Manager is a great way to easily import extensions into your web site. However, how many times have you searched for an extension you know is there and had no results? This might be because your settings on what extensions the manager are allowed to search for keep you from finding the extension you are […]

Preview tt_news articles from the backend

Jan 1, 2012

Per tt_news documentation, through a page’s TSConfig, you can preview news records on a front-end page with the SINGLE view news content element. If your articles preview page has page id 85, then add the following to the news storage folder TSConfig. 85 is determined by hovering your mouse over the page icon in the […]

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