Create Next Page Navigation with TypoScript

Feb 21, 2012

This TypoScript menu sample is a little different than most. Instead of a showing a menu that list pages, this menu shows your end user Next page, Previous page and Up a level links. Like most TypoScript menu objects, put this code into your TypoScript template setup section and apply it to your template by […]

TYPO3 Image Insights

Feb 14, 2012

Originally written by Marlies Cohen for Cannonbose. Photos that come straight off a digital camera are way too big for the Internet in terms of actual dimensions and file size and therefore have to be resampled. For example, a 1MB image can be reduced to 50K, which will load much faster, especially for people with […]

Custom Simple Map Icons for wec_map

Feb 9, 2012

In June 2009, Andrea of Stonebriar Church, wrote into the Acqal help desk with a little question, “How do I change the Google map icons for our wec_map pages?” This particular request was a little new to me as I hadn’t even considered the possibility before. However, it seems you can. What follows is how […]

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