.htaccess Browser Cache Busting

Feb 17, 2012

While not as tasty as breaking apart one of Peichi’s baguettes, once in a while, you actually want to disable browser cache functionality. In a recent project, the TYPO3 performance optimizations went very well, dropping page load times by over 50%. However, since Apache’s mod_expires and mod_headers adjustments were made at top the top level of the website […]

Die Bier-Shelf

Feb 1, 2012

I’ve talked a time or two about my Rosenheim beer shelf. Now, there’s proof of it. With having to find another place to live this month, it’s time to take it down. I’ve greatly enjoyed visually keeping track of what’s been sipped or gritted down. The final verdict, the darker, the better.

JavaScript Regular Expression for Matching Strings

Jan 17, 2012

Sometimes, using JavaScript’s own built-in objects really makes life easier for when the inline auto-typing constructs fail. In the case that lead up to this tip, the typical JavaScript inline regular expression declaration failed for some painful to debug reason. Offender… This cDay declaration failed to match strings ‘DAY1′ and ‘DAY2′, but did correctly match […]

Slay Ride

Dec 23, 2011

By St. Nicholas Petreley To the tune of Sleigh Ride Don’t hear that cash drawer jingling, Ring ting tingling tee Come on, it’s time we better Put a network together that’s free. Outside our stock is falling And friends are calling ‘boo hoo,’ Come on, it’s time we’d better Put some software together that’s GNU. […]

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