Custom Simple Map Icons for wec_map

Feb 9, 2012

In June 2009, Andrea of Stonebriar Church, wrote into the Acqal help desk with a little question, “How do I change the Google map icons for our wec_map pages?” This particular request was a little new to me as I hadn’t even considered the possibility before. However, it seems you can. What follows is how […]

Robust Newsletters: TYPO3 Built

Feb 6, 2012

Stonebriar Community Church runs TYPO3 and WordPress. TYPO3 is the core of their church content and web-based applications. While WordPress is for their community and micro sites. As the number of Stonebriar’s ministries have grown, so has their personal and social outreach needs. One method that quickly became overwhelming was creating newsletters in Word documents […]

TypoScript Breadcrumb Navigation

Jan 12, 2012

Creating breadcrumb navigation for your TYPO3 website is easy, just like static header menus. You can copy and paste the following TypoScript code into your TypoScript template’s Setup section and then call lib.nav.breadcrumb as needed into your TemplaVoila or TypoScript page template. Reference HMENU TMENU TMENUITEM

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