Redirect to Login for Access Denied TYPO3 Users

Jun 12, 2012

Some of the TYPO3 sites that I’m responsible for maintaining, have login restricted pages. Normally, when a non-logged in user visits these pages, they’ll get shown a 404 page. That’s not at all helpful to them. Bad, Bad, Bad UX - No Biscuit For You Instead, do the simple act of showing the user a […]

Looking Back - Jweiland’s TYPO3 Best Practice Workshop

Jun 5, 2012

Kudos to Jochen Weiland and Riona Kuthe of for giving a very good TYPO3 best practices presentation at the 2008 Berlin TYPO3 conference. In citing the typical excuse of being busy, I didn’t look deeper into their workshop PDF until April 2009. What a newbie mistake That  best practice workshop PDF  contains lots of good advice like hosting recommendations, […]

Grow Business by Building Partnerships

May 8, 2012

Though Acqal was founded during a downward economy and weakening market, It grew. Albeit slow growth, but it’s positively got better every month. The biggest way it grew, was by letting each person at Acqal do what they did best and to do what they were interested in. Furthermore, if there was a skill set […]

Apartment Hunting and Choosing a CMS Are Alike

May 1, 2012

First posted on March 10, 2009 But, Still Very Applicable to Now in Choosing a Website Foundation I’m currently looking for a new apartment in the south Taipei suburbs. It’s gotten to the point that the current place is too small, too noisy, not enough value for the money spent and frankly not what’s desired […]

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