Family or Clients First? Tough Questions!

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It’s inevitable, work and family schedules conflict. When it happens, we’re frequently battling with ourselves which way to lean. Who can take the disappointment or the delay?

Though many of us say, it’s no contest, family first. The reality is very much otherwise, myself included. There’s simply only 24 hours in a day and you do need to sleep daily.

We Want, We Get

To our family, we want to give our undivided attention, love and sharing of ourselves. In return, we’re provided with the same, a home and well being.

To our clients, we want to give our undivided attention and knowledge. In return, we can pay for our family’s food, shelter, warmth, necessities and wants.

It’s amazing how similar or circular my feelings toward family and clients can be. It seems like they the same thing, just a different point of view.

If it wasn’t for family, why would I need to have clients?

If it wasn’t for clients, I couldn’t provide for my family.

Back to Nature?

In visiting Yilan County this past weekend, I realized and thought that going back to nature would be an easy way out of the family and clients cycle.

However, in trading in clients for nature, you’ll need survival, medical, agricultural and quite a few other skills that we’re simply not taught these days. Besides, though I live in a sub-tropical environment, it does rain and get cold at times. I very much dislike being cold and lighting wet wood to stay warm isn’t fun.

So, is getting back to nature the real answer? Not really. It’s not even practical.

Running Naked Into the Woods is Out

At some point, we have to face the decision for ourselves of which is more important; family or clients.

This is a tougher decision for us than we might think.

For coming to the answer to what’s more important to us, we have to ask ourselves some seriously tough questions regarding how to handle ourselves once we have an answer and to be prepare for the consequences of our decision.

The worst case consequences of choosing family first is client loss.

Likewise, choosing clients first is family loss.

Personally, I can overcome client loss.

A loss of my family though, the people I care most about, is something that would cause myself to be lost to from the embarrassment and pain.

Family First

I constantly struggle with my family first choice.

I try to avoid working weekends and long hours.

When there’s work that needs to be done that will impact my family, I discuss it first with Peichi to keep the impact to a minimum.

Hard Choices

I know there’s always projects to be completed, bills to be paid and in short something to be doing. Balancing family and clients is work in itself.

Accept Responsibility

How ever you answer the question of family or clients first is up to you. I just ask you to accept responsibility for the consequences.

Please leave a comment to discuss how you balance family and work.

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