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This was a really busy week with a number of client projects moving into high gear and wrapping up a couple of others.

So, I didn’t get around to writing the next installment of my open source series. I will get to that, I promise. But, this week, I need to relax on a Friday evening, sip a gin and tonic, and write about lighter things.

I have been playing around with Facebook and Twitter in a big way this week. I’ve been on Facebook a while, but have only started to use Twitter this week.

Obviously, I have a big interest in using social networking applications like these to further business development and networking for business purposes. But, they can also be a lot of fun and be social with no ulterior motive. I think the combination of the two has a lot of potential.

I will say that Facebook and Twitter really are a lot of fun. Their value for bsiness is yet to be seen, although one of the main reasons Obama won the election, in my opinion, is his Internet team’s cutting edge use of both Facebook and Twitter, as well as a few others like youtube, combined with an ever changing blog. I don’t care if you like Obama or not, his use of the Internet kicked the other candidate’s butts.

There are so many of these social networking sites out there, you have to be selective or you would spend all your time just working on all of them. I belong to MySpace and have never done anything with it. I also have accounts at LinkedIn and Plaxco, but find them to be of limited use. Right now, Facebook, Twitter, and youtube are where it’s at. Add a blog to the equation and you have the complete solution for communication with the maximum number of people. This is where I am putting my efforts.

Make a Facebook friend request to me – Virgil Huston – not Virgil H Huston, that is my dad. Follow me on Twitter at virgilhuston and I’ll return the favor. It is amazing what useful info you can pick up following Twitter feeds and the more the merrier.

We can have fun and maybe even do some mutually beneficial business together. The other beauty of Facebook and Twitter is that I have friends I never would have met before. This includes representatives and senators at the state and federal levels, prominent Internet marketing gurus like Rob Frankel, an ex-England rugby captain, Will Carling, and one of the best number 8s in the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team history, Zinzan Brooke. Plus family members, friends, and business associates. There is really no limit.

My latest Twitter post that also shows up on Facebook is:

“Sign petition to keep implementing ELVs and ruin Rugby Union play -http://www.petitiononline.com/elvirb/petition.html”

This won’t mean anything to most, but my rugby buddies know. These proposed changes will ruin the rugby union game we all love.

Other posts mean nothing to my rugby pals, but mean something to others. If you want to engage the widest audience, you have to mix things up.

You have to have some fun and Facebook and Twitter are fun. If we met new people we end up doing business with, that is just icing on the cake.

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Originally posted Jan 10, 2009

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