Long-time client, Stonebriar Community Church, asked me to install the CW Mobile Redirect extension for them. Within a few minutes of installing and configuring cwmobileredirect via the TYPO3 Extension Manager, Stonebriar.org was redirecting to their mobile website version for mobile device users automatically. As a bonus, cwmobileredirect offers mobile detection TypoScript user functions to help with pushing mobile specific CSS and […]

The past couple of weeks, I have been consumed with getting the TYPO3 Training Method Effectiveness Survey up and running and now trying to promote it so as to get maximum responses from as wide a range of TYPO3 users at all levels across the world as possible. By the way, if you haven’t taken […]

I’m sad, I didn’t get any requests the first time I asked for recommendations of what TYPO3 extensions I’ve written that should be updated. Don’t you use me? Better luck the second time around… There’s some cbrealurl updates pending, but nothing major. However, at in2code, I’m working on some new stuff which I’ll share closer […]

Now that I’m getting back into active TYPO3 development, I’ve got the drive to update some of my published TYPO3 extensions. Before doing updates blindly and not solving problems, I’d like to know which extensions are those that you use, would like updated and have suggestions for. Please comment below with your recommendations. Requests for cbrealurl […]

Dear TYPO3 community, I’ve noticed that cbrealurl hasn’t been seriously updated in the past few years and I know of a few new pain areas that I’d like to resolve. Before I get to coding though, I NEED your advice and suggestions on you feel cbrealurl should be rewritten? Please review http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/cbrealurl/current/ and then pass along your […]