Open source vs proprietary Part 4

TYPO3 versus other CMS platforms is a constant discussion. This week, in Twitter discussions, the question was again asked: “Why is TYPO3 the CMS of choice in Europe and Drupal more popular in the US (for open source solutions – I have previously covered why no company ever should waste their money on a propritary […]

A few things happened and/or occurred to me this week to make me think about what my company does and how we interact and deal with other companies working in our same general space. This came about from some Twitter and Facebook exchanges. On Twitter, I tried to explain why I thought TYPO3 was the […]

Open Source vs Proprietary – Part 3 Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Last week, I defined some of the terms that make up the confusing world of enterprise content management (ECM) systems (ECMS), content management systems (CMS), web content management systems (WCMS), and web site management systems (WMS). Pick your poison, it really doesn’t […]