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Linking text in the TYPO3 RTE to other pages, specific content on a page, external sites or email addresses is fairly straightforward: select a tab, select location in page tree, click on the target. However, until recently, linking to dynamic content like calendar or news entries is manually intensive.

By installing and configuring the AOE Link handler TYPO3 extension, you can easily do point and click link building of content records. This link building uses the current TYPO3 RTE point-and-click link browser process as a basis.

Get Started with linkhandler

  1. Import and install linkhandler via the extension manager
  2. Include linkhandler's own TypoScript template in a root TYPO3 template record
  3. Configure the TYPO3 template settings as below
  4. Clear your TYPO3 configuration caches

TYPO3 Template Settings


Put the following into your TYPO3 template for TypoScript Constants. Be sure to set the single news landing PID for your installation.

linkhandler.newsSinglePid = 85

Backend Editor Configuration

Put the following into your TYPO3 template for Backend Editor Configuration.

Notice that you can set the link browser tab label and limit where to grab record selections from via onlyPids.

RTE.default.tx_linkhandler {
	tt_news {
		label = News
		listTables = tt_news
		onlyPids =
mod.tx_linkhandler {
	tt_news {
		label = News
		listTables = tt_news
		onlyPids =

Instead of putting the above code into a TYPO3 template Backend Editor Configuration, you could add to the Page TSConfig block. This way, you could affect that some pages can only grab from certain folders.

Additionally, the principal of using TYPO3 template Backend Editor Configuration would hold true for Backend Usergroup role handling to limit record source access.


Thank you AOE Media for this excellent TYPO3 extension

Be sure to read the manual for guidance on how to add code for linking to calendar entries and other TYPO3 content records.

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