Open source vs proprietary Part 4

Wappalyzer in action

I’m getting ready to present at the 2011 TYPO3 conference in Frankfurt Hanau, to keep things going smooth, here’s a November 23, 2009 guest post from Virgil. Sometimes coming up with a blog post topic is hard, so this week, some odds and ends that are of interest and some things that keep rolling around in my […]

I have written about this before in a four part series ending with "Spending money is better than saving it on ECM and CMS." I have also done a pretty objective comparison between TYPO3 and its primary open source competitor, Drupal, in "TYPO3 is the Best Enterprise Content Management System (CMS)." I have an empirical […]

Open Source vs Proprietary – Part 3 Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Last week, I defined some of the terms that make up the confusing world of enterprise content management (ECM) systems (ECMS), content management systems (CMS), web content management systems (WCMS), and web site management systems (WMS). Pick your poison, it really doesn’t […]