Do my TYPO3 extensions stink? Which should I document, improve or update?

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I’m sad, I didn’t get any requests the first time I asked for recommendations of what TYPO3 extensions I’ve written that should be updated. Don’t you use me?

Better luck the second time around…

There’s some cbrealurl updates pending, but nothing major. However, at in2code, I’m working on some new stuff which I’ll share closer to the new year.

Now that I’m getting back into active TYPO3 development, I’ve got the drive to update some of my published TYPO3 extensions. Before doing updates blindly and not solving problems, I’d like to know which extensions are those that you use, would like updated and have suggestions for.

Please comment below with your recommendations.

Requests for cbrealurl are kept to its own article.

And now… The TYPO3 Vagabond’s Extensions

  • affiliate_tracker – An affiliate tracking system.
  • aqnewsmeta – Updates the newsSubheader register if no teaser is available. I’ve personally replaced with seo_basics and TypoScript.
  • cbperformance – A compilation of various TYPO3 performance enhancements via TypoScript, TSConfig and SQL indexes.
  • cbstarter – Quickly and easily adjust TYPO3 default settings to something more friendly for enterprise- and large-scale websites.
  • comments_gravatar – Add Gravatar icons to comment records.
  • difference_viewer – Front-end difference viewer for BE log data. Used with log_analyzer.
  • jm_quote – Displays a random quote from a database.
  • job_bank – Job listings for organizations.
  • job_bank_resume_mgr – Resume handler for front-end user.
  • job_bank_search – Job listing search.
  • log_analyzer – TYPO3 BE log analyzer. Includes emailing of results via cron. Great for summary views of what teams are doing in TYPO3.
  • member_access – Functions for granting access to content with access lists via usergroups.
  • member_expiry – Expire and downgrade front-end user’s usergroup membership with email notifications.
  • news_default_image – Use category image as default news image if no news image.
  • news_event_register – Allow registration for a news event. Cron controlled email reminders for event, access information and follow up. Survey questions can be asked during registration.
  • news_filelink_alt – Pretty print file name link. Icons to text. Alternate text of file link name.
  • news_lead – Generate a sales lead sent to news related sponsor.
  • news_related – Display titles of related news articles based upon category of originating news item.
  • news_search – Search based on tt_news.
  • news_sponsor – Add sponsor or consultancy relationships to news items.
  • news_userinfo – Add user template markers to news content to be parsed for a “personalized” edition.
  • security_question – Add security questions to supplement password retrieval.
  • typo3_button – Choose from several buttons to display an affiliation with TYPO3.

As I know that difference_viewer and log_analyzer are in current use and development, I would like feedback on how to improve those extensions.

For the other extensions, there’s great functionality that needs documentation and I would like to know which you think should be given that attention.

Finally, for extensions that don’t get any “love” before January 1, 2012, I’ll be marking them as obsolete.

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