Disable TemplaVoila’s Flickering Info Panel on Hidden Pages

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Ever wonder what that top, left flickering box was when previewing hidden pages in TYPO3, well that’s an Explosive Preview. It’s meant to give you information about the current page such as when created, who created it and which templates are in use. However, for most, if not all of our clients, it’s a major annoyance.

Have no fret though, there’s a quick fix to get rid of it. In fact, so simple, it impressed me.

Are You Ready? It’s Really Simple

In your TypoScript template setup section that declares your `page` object, just add the following below your `page.10 = USER` entry.

page.10.disableExplosivePreview = 1

In case you’re using extension `db_yamltv`, then you’ll want to add `page.20.disableExplosivePreview = 1` on line 213 of db_yamltv/pi1/static/setup.txt.

Please note that not all templates or extensions use `page.10` as the primary place for TemplaVoila processing and you’ll need to adapt so.


I’d love to point you to more information, but there’s no documentation about it so far. I found the option while grokking TemplaVoila source code to figure out where to get rid of it. The `disableExplosivePreview` configuration is called at line 398 of file `templavoila/pi1/class.tx_templavoila_pi1.php` of TemplaVoila v1.5.5.

Originally written February 24, 2009. Updated content and added extension sample.

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