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Dick Tracy vs Cueball

I will follow up on my last posting about open source software in a future article. But, right now, I am on a double tangent, one TYPO3 related, the other not even computer related.

Regarding the open source discussion, I have a lot to say about open source versus proprietary content/web management systems, but for now, I am going to put into action what my mouth and pen says. I use MS Office because “everyone uses it” and I have to in order to be compatible with software my clients use. Yet, Open Office is pretty darn compatible with MS Office from what I have heard and I am going to give it a try. Can someone using Open Office survive in a MS Office world? I’ll let you know how it goes. This blog article is being written in OpenOffice.org Writer, so here we go.

Dick Tracy vs CueballWhat I really want to talk about is my rediscovery of some 1940s genre movies. I watched Dick Tracy vs Cueball and The Shadow last evening. I guess you would call these B movies and they aren’t classics, but they are far better than 95% of the junk coming out of Hollywood the past 20 years.

Filmmakers have forgotten how to tell a story by engaging the viewer’s imagination and color has made their cinematography lazy. Special effects have really been the death of techniques to make a viewer’s imagination work overtime. Today’s movie goer needs no imagination. Has there ever really been a scarier movie than AlfredPsycho shower scene Hitchcock’s Psycho? Hitchcock knew how to unleash our imaginations. He was a master.

The Dick Tracy, Shadow, and other movies of their era were pure entertainment and quite well done. Anyone who has done any film making or photography in a serious way knows that filming in black and white is far more difficult than filming in color. Lighting was the key, plus there were no special effects and no budgets to wreck 100 cars in a police chase. Simple sets and dialog, along with great mood lighting, made these movies better than what we have today.

But, this is supposed to be a blog about TYPO3. I recently took a look around the Internet for TYPO3 blogs and there are a lot. If you can read German, you are really in luck, Germans have embraced TYPO3 like no others. US businesses could learn from this. In any case, here are a few blogs I recently subscribed to. There are many more out there.

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