Creating a MySQL Database for TYPO3 using CPanel

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Today, I created a development site for a support client’s web site. A development (dev) server allows you to try all kinds of things without affecting the live site. Not everything can be done in the draft workspace on a live site, so dev sites are essential.

There are many ways to copy a site to another server, but as I was going through the process, I thought that some things tend to be taken for granted by writers of instructions. One of these things is actually creating a MySQL database for the new site. This applies to copied sites and completely new sites. Some writers assume you know how to do it. Others assume you know how to use a command line shell.

That is fine, but not everyone knows these things. If you have cPanel, it is extremely easy to create a database and a user for the database. Here’s how:

Make sure you record the full database and User Names, as well as the User password, these will be needed to enter in the TYPO3 localconf.php file.

1. Log into your cPanel, scroll down to the “Databases” section and click “MySQL Databases.”

2. Under “Create New Database” type in your database name and click “Create Database.” Note that the database name you enter results in a full database name that includes your account User name, in this case “mjiacqa_typo3.

3. Now, you have to create a user for your database. Under “MySQL Users > Add New User” enter an appropriate name and a good password. Click “Create User.”

4. Now you need to give the new user some privileges. Normally, you will select “All Privileges” for the main TYPO3 database. Click “Make Changes” to save the privileges.

5. Now you have to add the user to the database you created. Under “Add User to Database” select the user you just created and click “Add.”

6. Now you can see that the user is associated with the database.

Next week: How to do a database dump using phpMyAdmin.

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