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This TypoScript menu sample is a little different than most. Instead of a showing a menu that list pages, this menu shows your end user Next page, Previous page and Up a level links.

Like most TypoScript menu objects, put this code into your TypoScript template setup section and apply it to your template by calling lib.internalnav.

lib.internalnav = HMENU
lib.internalnav {
	special = browse
	special {
		items = up|prev|next
		items.prevnextToSection = 1
		up.fields.title = Up a level
		prev.fields.title = Previous page
		next.fields.title = Next page
	1 = TMENU
	1.NO {
		linkWrap = | | |*||*||
		stdWrap.htmlSpecialChars = 1
# Change link labels between "section" and "pages" for the top level pages
[treeLevel = 1]
	lib.internalnav.special {
		prev.fields.title = Previous section
		next.fields.title = Next section



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