Clean Up sr_freecap captcha with TypoScript

by Michael Cannon in TYPO3 · 0 comments


Is your sr_free_captcha image unmanageable? Then add the following code to your TypoScript templates Constants section to bring about a more readable image.

plugin.tx_srfreecap.backgroundBlur = 0 
plugin.tx_srfreecap.backgroundMorph = 0 
plugin.tx_srfreecap.backgroundType = White with squiggles
plugin.tx_srfreecap.imageHeight = 80
plugin.tx_srfreecap.mergeWithBackground = 0 
plugin.tx_srfreecap.morphFactor = 0 
plugin.tx_srfreecap.textColor = 0

If you want more configuration options, then check out the Template Constants available for your further editing.

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