Cannonbose Business Lesson #1

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The biggest lesson I’ve learned in running Cannonbose to keep you and your client out of trouble is to `write “it” down and get “it” signed.`

This basic lesson offers a great leap forward in establishing expectations and making your project more successful right from the beginning.

Once your task has been documented and signed, there’s no more room left for you or clients to make the statement that X, Y, or Z was or wasn’t included within the scope of a project’s deliverables. If X, Y, or Z really needs to be added, it’s time for a change order.

Be sure to make sure that change order is documented and signed to as well.

In reality, email can demonstrate documentation of a task and approval by another. However, for the initial project paperwork and the larger change orders, save yourself and the client headaches and money by printing out the agreement and getting it signed.

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