FLOW3 and TYPO3 Versions 4.X and 5.0

Jun 20, 2009

The recent release of FLOW3 1.0.0 alpha 1 has caused quite a buzz in the TYPO3 community and should also be creating a similar buzz in the PHP development community as a whole. There is also some confusion in the TYPO3 world regarding FLOW3 and the upcoming release of TYPO3 version 5.0 versus the current […]

TYPO3 Association General Assembly Notes for March 21, 2009

Mar 22, 2009

Here’s a few notes from the TYPO3 Association General Assembly March 21, 2009 that I’d like to share. I’ve been told my notes are cryptic in the past, so if you’d like clarification, please leave a comment. Member growth has been stagnating. Concerns are that TYPO3 Association has a bit of prima donna reputation because […]

From Taipei to Zurich with TYPO3

Mar 21, 2009

I’m pretty high right now. Plus, I’m tired, cramped, sore and wondering about freedom that will come in 3 hours when the cabin doors open again. Ah, the pleasures of traveling on a modern airplane. All the conveniences of home, just in sizes not quite big enough to make you feel comfortable. I’m enroute to […]

TYPO3 Usergroup Contributions and Security Updates

Feb 23, 2009

First Swiss TYPO3 Usergroup Conference I’ve got to give several loud kudos to the Swiss TYPO3 Usergroup. They recently held their first Swiss TYPO3 Usergroup Conference that offered valuable talks on TYPO3. Even better, they’ve released valuable, informative videos. Mario Rimann: Opening and Welcome Xavier Perseguers: Securing TYPO3 and PHP with suhosin François Suter: TYPO3 […]

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