T3BOARD12 – Last Days

Mar 4, 2012

T3BOARD12 has come to a close, but the memories as they say, will live on. It was a wonderful, but long week at Crap Sogn Gion of coding, snowboarding and socializing. I’m very happy to be home again, but am already looking forward to Peichi and I going next year.

T3BOARD12 Laax – On top

Feb 27, 2012

On top Crap Sogn Goin Not a toilet Views of far Ice underneath Snow covers Blue cold skies Red hot blood Swish Swoosh Scree Schee Clump to pain Up again On top – February 27, 2012 – Snowboarding Laax

T3BOARD12 Laax – Time Hack

Feb 25, 2012

06:00 wake up 07:05 out the door 07:15 walk past bus stop for second time 07:17 bus comes 08:12 still waiting for train 08:32 on delayed train 09:53 wave good bye to wife as I wonder how she didn’t get caught onboard handing me water as the train departs Innsbruck 11:54 get asked for passport […]

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