Apartment Hunting and Choosing a CMS Are Alike

May 1, 2012

First posted on March 10, 2009 But, Still Very Applicable to Now in Choosing a Website Foundation I’m currently looking for a new apartment in the south Taipei suburbs. It’s gotten to the point that the current place is too small, too noisy, not enough value for the money spent and frankly not what’s desired […]

10 Proven Website Essentials

Mar 27, 2012

Building and maintaining a website these days can be tough business. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, many of the issues faced for having a successful website are the same. With solid preparation, like these top 10 proven website essentials, getting started and staying online is made easier. The 10 website essentials have below […]

Stonebriar Community Church #8 in outstanding Church website design

Aug 23, 2011

Congratulations to Stonebriar Community Church for being selected as number 8 of 60 top church websites by Web and designers. Stonebriar is a long time TYPO3 support client of mine. Additionally, they’ve contributed to TYPO3 and Web Empowered Church for even longer. See the other winners at 60 outstanding collection of Church website design.

Website Design Questions

Jul 28, 2011

Questions to help the website designer: What kind of feeling do we want to convey with the site? What do we want the person thinking as they read the site? What do we want them feeling as they read the site? What do we think we have to distinguish ourselves from the others and how […]

What Does It Take To Develop Good Software?

Jul 21, 2011

It takes a variety of resources such as people, money, time, and materials to build to a successful software package. The package size doesn’t really matter for all of the activities mentioned below are hit upon at some point in the development process. Since computer science began in the 1950′s to present, it has been […]

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