Testimonials Premium - WordPress’s Best Testimonials Plugin

Testimonials Premium is the most amazing and incredibly full-featured WordPress testimonials plugin there is. It lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, quotes, reviews, or text with images or videos on your WordPress site. Further, Testimonials Premium offers caching, excerpts, ratings, read more links, more selection options, and advanced capabilities like using custom post types as testimonials. Additionally, testimonials support ratings and users can submit their own testimonials via a front-end form shortcode or widget.

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Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium WordPress Plugin – The fastest way to edit custom post types

Through Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium, you can easily add text, checkbox, color, date, radio, single and multiple select, and textarea inputs fields to edit post meta within the bulk edit and quick edit screens for custom post types, pages, and posts. Further, you can enable editing of category and tag taxonomies that don’t normally appear.

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Need to edit 3,000 pages of WordPress SEO settings in minutes?

Modify WordPress SEO by Yoast options via bulk and quick edit panels in conjunction with Custom Bulk/Quick Edit.

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Testimonials Premium – WordPress’s Best Testimonials Plugin Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium WordPress Plugin – The fastest way to edit custom post types Need to edit 3,000 pages of WordPress SEO settings in minutes?

Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium Changelog


  • Alters option active_plugins so that this plugin is among first loaded.
  • Check cbqe_activated
  • Check for definitions before defining
  • Create DIR_INC includes
  • Custom Bulk/Quick Edit free no longer required
  • Replace plugins_url with self::$plugin_assets
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/custom-bulkquick-edit#30 Display color as its color in edit screen column
  • RESOLVE Plugin activation not working
  • Revise DIR_LIB libraries
  • Settings plugin_path to plugin_assets
  • Specify a “Text Domain” and “Domain Path”
  • Update file structure
  • Use Codeship.io than Travis CI
  • Use YouTube https
  • Verbiage tweaks


  • BUGFIX Inactive REQ_BASE due to old Aihrus Framework
  • Revise weekly license checking
  • Use Aihrus Framework 1.0.1


  • BUGFIX No notices on deactivation
  • Change date format default to MM d, yy
  • Convert TODO to https://github.com/michael-cannon/custom-bulkquick-edit-premium/issues
  • Implement PHP version checking
  • Implement WordPress version checking
  • RESOLVE #18 On delete error
  • RESOLVE #19 On activate error - no cbqe free installed
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/custom-bulkquick-edit#25 Color selector
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/custom-bulkquick-edit#29 Enable date/time editing
  • Readme installation
  • Revise readme structure
  • Tested up to 3.9.0
  • Use aihr_check_aihrus_framework


  • Update Aihrus framework


  • Add PHP 5.3+ required notice
  • Check for PHP 5.3
  • Move Edit Flow components to own plugin


  • $this to CLASS
  • Add CBQE_PLUGIN_DIR path
  • Add aihrus framework
  • Adjust to work with WordPress SEO by Yoast add on
  • Allow plugin usage without license
  • BUGFIX Quick edit panel doesn’t show
  • BUGFIX WordPress SEO Sitemap Priority in Quick Edit not recalling value
  • Break WordPress SEO into own Premium plugin
  • Delete notices on deactivation
  • Disable upgrading when license in invalid
  • Don’t load WordPress SEO options when not needed
  • Enable activation and version checking
  • Enable bulk editing of post_date
  • Enable premium licensing
  • Enable upgrading when plugin isn’t activated
  • Include settings sooner
  • Remove API’s source code link
  • Remove donation buttons from plugins page
  • Revise headers
  • Update TODO
  • Update headers
  • Update notice formats
  • Update readme options
  • Update video handling
  • Use Custom_Bulkquick_Edit::do_load check


  • BUGFIX Bulk save clears fields when no data is passed
  • Readme tweaks
  • Show/hide configuration boxes in settings as needed per as type selected
  • Use EDD License Handler licensing and updating
  • Work with Edit Flow date, number, and user types


  • API rename cbqe_validate_default cbqe_configuration_default
  • Add disable donation option
  • Add screenshot 5. Bulk Edit with date selector
  • Add screenshot 7. Posts Tab - Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Settings panel
  • Add screenshot 8. Premium Tab - Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Settings panel
  • Add screenshot 9. Post Quick Edit - Full configured options
  • BUGFIX Populate date selector in bulk and quick edit
  • BUGFIX quick_edit_custom_box_field and manage_posts_custom_column_field_type return incorrect values
  • Begin adding multiple select type
  • Date works with bulk and quick edit
  • Multiple select selector
  • Revise features list
  • SEO tweaks
  • Travis ignore WordPress.WhiteSpace.ControlStructureSpacing - false positives
  • Update TODO
  • Update screenshots


  • Add settings plugin action link
  • Begin ‘date’ type
  • Convert &$this to $this
  • Create working plugin install and activate notice links
  • Don’t error out on activation if no free version is active
  • Remove styles method
  • Update filter names


  • Add StillMaintained.com notice
  • Enable plugin updating


  • Remove unused code
  • Correct filter names
  • Add screenshots
  • Enable custom post types
  • Deactivate if free CBQE not activated
  • Move language load to init()
  • Update POT
  • Video introduction
  • Correct plugin URL


  • Initial code release