Working Examples for WordPress Bulk and Quick Edit

Jun 20, 2013

When working with WordPress posts and you want to quickly change the status or date of one or more posts, it’s a simple affair via the built-in bulk and quick edit tools. However, when you’re dealing with custom post types and fields, it’s not so easy.

Until now…

During a recent tasking to help the Media Burn Archive with speeding up mass updates for video meta fields, we found the easiest solution to be via WordPress’s action calls. Specifically the bulk_edit_custom_box and quick_edit_custom_box actions.

While reading the documentation for bulk_edit_custom_box and quick_edit_custom_box initially only gave a clue, two further references shed more light to really getting things done.

  • Manage WordPress Posts Using Bulk Edit and Quick Edit
  • Saving custom fields in quick or bulk edit mode in WordPress

While putting all of these resources together helped greatly, the final solution adapts for custom post types and minor security checks. There’s still more to do, but for now, it’s good enough.

Feel free to check out the code via downloading below.

The Code


Even better now!

I just wrote the Custom Bulk/Quick Edit plugin for WordPress. There’s also a premium version as well to enable working with custom post types.

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