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CHANGELOG EDD Sales Recovery plugin for WordPress


  • Revise create_link handling
  • Update Aihrus framework


  • BUGFIX Disable Recovery Notifications – Disabled but still receiving; Kudos Jeremy Wong for the find
  • Check for PHP 5.3


  • BUGFIX Settings not initialized
  • BUGFIX Static property warnings
  • Require EDD_VERSION 1.8.5
  • Since abandoned sale text
  • Use aihrus framework
  • Use edd_get_settings than global


  • BUGFIX Discount codes removed before expiration
  • Revise base handling
  • Update notification handling


  • Enable activation and version checking
  • Remove unprocessed template markers
  • Rename EDD_ID to EDD_PT
  • Requires at least: 3.6
  • Tested up to: 3.8.0
  • Update license handlers


  • BUGFIX #1 Check for EDD before setting
  • Add user profile heading for unsubscribe


  • Add INSTALL.md document
  • Add delete option to method set_recovery_start
  • Add failure reasons to admin notices
  • Add order details to admin notices
  • Allow no argument get_order_link
  • BUGFIX end recovery process doesn’t clean up postmeta
  • BUGFIX recovery start time not set if wp_mail fails
  • BUGFIX recovery start time not set to correct now on first iteration
  • Centralize admin notice display handling
  • Create get_order_link method returning complete HTML a tag to view order details
  • Remove $new_stage null default
  • Rename get_order_link to get_order_url
  • Revise installation instructions
  • State the recovery state in email sending
  • Verbiage edits
  • final_period default changed from 56 to 28
  • Travis ignore WordPress.WhiteSpace.ControlStructureSpacing - false positives


  • Add option Purge Expired Discounts
  • Add screenshot 8. Example of interim follow-up email with discount code
  • Add screenshot 9. Discount code set to inactive
  • Add video
  • Add {admin_order_details} and {admin_order_details_url} template markers
  • Add {users_orders} template marker
  • Consolidate payment_history_url handling
  • Correct admin orders URL
  • Correct product and support URLs
  • Daily inactivation or purge of unused, expired discount codes
  • Move settings to Extensions tabs
  • Remove 1.x series version, revert to master, not ready for release
  • Remove custom updater remnants
  • Remove donate link
  • Remove hyphen before Sales Recovery in naming
  • Rename edd_sales_recovery_cron to edd_sales_recovery_cron_recover
  • Replace get_option_* calls with get_edd_options
  • Update screenshot 3 with full process
  • Use EDD License Handler instead of own
  • Verbiage updates


  • Prevent resending recovery process emails on page reload
  • Remove excess args from Payment History status selectors
  • Use own nonce methods


  • Add Contact Link option
  • Add EDD general options getter
  • Add In Recovery and Recovered payment statuses
  • Add Recovery stopped by user request payment note
  • Add WP_DEBUG options
  • Add cron methods
  • Add discount code template markers to email description
  • Add final discount period option
  • Add in Sales Recovery processing page for testing
  • Add link in email to stop recovery process, mark as abandoned
  • Add notices for manual sales recovery process start
  • Add plugin action links for email and misc settings
  • Add process to TODO
  • Add recovery email subject options
  • Add screenshot 7. Example of initial follow-up email
  • Add screenshots
  • Add settings link anchors
  • Add several API filters and actions
  • Add user sales recovery unsubscribe to profile screen
  • Add {cart_items}, {discount_expiration}, {stage} template markers
  • Add {checkout}, {checkout_url}, {contact}, {contact_url} template markers
  • Add {site_url} and {store_url} template markers
  • Add {unsubscribe}, {unsubscribe_url} template markers
  • After unsuccessful recovery, mark as abandoned
  • Change final days to wait from 56 to 28
  • Change last interim days to send from 28 to 21
  • Check for time period in sending recovery emails
  • Clean up expiration date format
  • Coding standards review
  • Consolidate like user/cart items together as similar transactions
  • Convert page link options to use select
  • Correct missing $wpdb globals
  • Correct unsubscribe link
  • Create SLUG for easier options handling
  • Create email sent methods
  • Create get_option helpers
  • Create option disable admin notification
  • Create option sets of enabled, wait period, discount offer, and recovery text
  • Create process mode methods
  • Create simple recovery email content
  • Created initial, interim, and final attempt option sets
  • Decrease default discount percentages
  • Don’t reprocess sales recovery unsubs on user profile update
  • Enable auto-updater
  • Enable session handling
  • Initiate and stop sale recovery process via Order Details
  • Initiate and stop sale recovery process via Payment History
  • Main and short description updates
  • Message verbiage updates
  • No longer mark completed transactions with a status tag
  • Only operate Sales Recovery processing page when WP_DEUG is true
  • Poll transactions to process
  • Pretty print cart contents
  • Recovery notes shown in Order Details
  • Recovery status shows in Payment History
  • Remove CSS file
  • Remove call by reference for $this
  • Remove empty API example links
  • Remove error_log’ing
  • Remove notes
  • Remove test_remove_recovery_attempt()
  • Remove unsubscribed users from processing
  • Resend Recovery Email via Payment History and Order Details
  • Revise default email templates
  • Revise payments selection routines
  • Revise textual content
  • Send initial sales recovery email
  • Set init priority to 9 - edd_actions are registered before EDD calls them
  • Standardize sales recovery process note verbiage
  • Stop sales recovery process on user unsubscribe
  • Track recovery_start and email_sent to prevent loops in interim and compressing notifications
  • Update API
  • Update POT
  • Update TODO
  • Update readme and plugin headers
  • Update readme content and features
  • Use WP_SESSION via EDD->session
  • Use discount code usage to determine recovered transaction via action edd_complete_purchase
  • Use intval vs. abs


  • Initial code release