Back from Germany, Update from Taiwan

Jul 4, 2011
Co-Motion in München - 2

Last week found me in Germany finishing up a week long job interview with in2code of Rosenheim Germany. Before leaving, I said yes to taking a senior TYPO3 developer position with them. By October, Peichi and I will be living in Bavaria.


It seems that I hurt my back darn good just before leaving for Germany. All throughout the trip, I’d been sore with a mix of muscle and nerve issues. Both ends of the trip took between 22 and 30 hours of travel time. Delays, missed flights and cramped Air China seats sure haven’t made me any healthier. As a bonus, I’ve caught a rough cold.

All in all, I’m not in an enviable position.

Cycling is out for a while, even a kilometer is painful. Talking has me sounding like a pre-pubescent teenager. While you’d think sleeping 10-12 hours a day would be great, my body just feels so beaten that it’s not fun anymore. I’m waking each day weighing less than before. Nice for weight loss aspects, not so nice because there’s something wrong with me.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten started at the hospital with an orthopedic doctor and x-rays. Come this Friday, if I can wait out the pain, I’ll go back for the initial diagnosis.

Will’s fully loaded Co-Motion Pangea Rohloff Co-Pilot in München

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