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Testimonials Premium – WordPress’s Best Testimonials Plugin Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium WordPress Plugin – The fastest way to edit custom post types Need to edit 3,000 pages of WordPress SEO settings in minutes?

Clever, Sharp, Intelligent - How to Be a Great Programmer

How to Be a Great Programmer - http://www.flickr.com/photos/claire69/

Want to be a great programmer? Whether you started at a young age or not, there are some traits you’re going to need to have in order to be one of the best. We’re going to go over these as well as give you an idea of all the work and dedication it takes to stand out from the crowd these days. With so many other people becoming programmers, you really have to work to be noticed.

How to Be a Great Programmer

Here’s a look at some of the specific traits you’re going to need in order to excel as a programmer. Whether you work at home in your underwear or don a suit and tie for a day in the cube farm, if you have these qualities, you have a better chance of being successful.

  • Clever - One of the first qualities you need to have to be a great programmer is cleverness. This doesn’t mean being able to come back with witty remarks at dinner parties. Being clever - for a programmer - is all about looking at problems different and coming up with unique and innovative solutions.
  • Sharp - In addition to being clever, a good programmer needs to be sharp. This means having a knowledge of strengths and weaknesses and being able to overcome or compensate for the weaknesses.
  • Intelligent - Pure brain power is another huge advantage for anyone who wants to be a great programmer. The smarter you are, the more able you’re going to be when you try to make the computer bow to your will.
  • Curious - Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s what keeps a great programmer going when everyone else has quit and given up. A truly wonderful programmer needs to be curious about how things work and why they work. This is the only way to really understand a problem and come up with a technical solution to solve it once and for all - which bring us to our last quality of an uber programmer.
  • Lazy - While this may not sound like a good trait for a programmer to have it actually is if you think about it. If a programmer is lazy, they’re going to take the time to build something that allows them to save time at a later date. By automating, they’re able to hone their skills. Some call this laziness, but it’s a good thing for programmers.

There are exceptions, of course. Some people are natural born programmers, but they still have at least one or more of the traits talked about above. For example, a great programmer is going to know how to find a dependable data centre and not one that is overpriced and underpowered. Having the big skills - like being clever, sharp and intelligent - is important but so is knowing how to perform practical tasks. The person who can master all of these is going to be the one that sees the most success.

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