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Can You Do Programming For 12 Hours Continuously?

Extreme Programming- The Warning signs

A recent study carried out by the International Journal of Health Sciences and Research issued serious warnings to computer users spending more than 12 hours in front of the screen. The programmer community is at maximum risk of being afflicted with work related depression and physiological problems likely to have a long –term impact on their lifestyles. Reports of professional executives and programmers collapsing on the computer desk sitting for over 12 hours or more seem true. Most programmers seem to find solace in front of the computer, cracking algorithms, syntax and computing at a free will, without following a particular disciplined work regime that is essential to maintain the body-clock rhythm. It is a standard protocol to go programming for 12 hours at a stretch among the community. Most of them end up dehydrated, stressed and with chronic back pains and numb limbs.

Professionals putting in 12 hours or more of computer time for programming are placed under a generic community referred to as “Extreme Programmers” and the syndrome is called “Extreme Programming”. The programmers who spend enough time on programming must have sufficient knowledge to do their tasks in less time. If you are looking for some books that can help you understand programming then you can search sainsburysebooks. (computer programming, HTML, MYSQL and Other useful resources)

Too much programming may put you off career

With easy accessibility to computers and sophisticated development in the pace of computer programming, the phenomenon of Extreme programming has been on the rise. Most programming modules, gaming tests, software testing models as well as data entry projects & customer service regulations require the individual to be in front of the computer for at least 6-10 hours daily.  Other compounded factors that push one for 12-hour programming is the extensive compliance to daylight-saving timings and working-at-night shifts only.

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The programmers are inflicted with the following symptoms and health issues when they cross the threshold of 12 hours programming. These are as follows

  • Severe pains in the joints due to faulty sitting posture.

  • Numbness in the legs due to lack of movement in the legs like walking, games and taking a flight to stairs.

  • Tendonitis and arthritis in elbows and knees.

  • Dehydration and malnutrition

  • Blood clotting and thrombosis

  • Obesity

  • Dark circles under the eyes and poor eyesight due to continuous exposure.

  • Chronic insomnia

  • Heart diseases

  • Infertility,

  • Liver inflammation

  • Nervous problems

The Solution to clock 12-Hours Programming: How they do it Effectively

There are programmers who are addicted to Extreme programming. This is how they split their schedules to clock 12-15 hours on a regular basis effectively. These are:

  1. Maintaining a 90-minute break window for rest, stretching and diet.

  2. Optimizing the time chart using fast computers and keyboard with padded buttons.

  3. Using chairs with better comfort. Some programmers even use massage parlour armrests with straight backs and recliners.

  4. 40-42 hours of programming is the ideal work hours, excluding the over time. In case the individual shoots over the regulated time, he/she is asked to take rest the following day or the week. Companies have realized that over timing reduces the effectiveness of the programmer.

A programmer working about 8 hours daily is more proficient and creative in his work than his companions working for over 10 hours. They also meet deadlines easily helping the business to earn fair respect and profit.


Yes, one can do programming for 12 hours but it carries a lot of risk unless a strict time management is followed clubbed with proper diet-sleep-exercise regime.

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