2 More How-to’s on Using TYPO3′s tt_news

Apr 10, 2012
BPMinstitute.org White Papers lead generator

In past writings, I’ve been covering 10 ways of tt_news and 5 How-to’s on Using TYPO3′s tt_news . Today, I’ll cover the two more of 10 alternate ways of using tt_news.

BPMinstitute.org White Papers lead generator

BPMinstitute.org has really pushed what can be done with tt_news in many avenues in regards to lead generation. Whenever downloadable content is available in a login restricted manner, downloading of the media file can trigger a lead notification event directly to the content sponsor. Additionally, the lead information can even be made available for sponsors to download themselves.

How-to Create a News lead generator

To enable download tracking with the ability to send leads, you’ll need to download, install and include the TypoScript templates of the TYPO3 extensions news_lead, news_sponsor, news_userinfo and t3consultancies.

Be warned, these extensions haven’t been updated for TYPO3 4.X.

The reason for the multiple extensions is that news_userinfo, gives the ability to show logged in user information in a news template. Next, news_sponsor gives the ability to relate t3consultancies entries to a particular news article record. The t3consultancies entry related to a news article is what determines to whom to send the leads to.

Finally, news_lead modifies the files and links fields of tt_news on single news display to include a requestFile parameter. If the user is logged in and the link is clicked, a lead is generated if the lead option and the lead period is active for the news record. Additionally, there’s some duplicate lead prevention code in place to still track the download or click, but not bombard sponsors with redundant emails.

BPMinstitute.org Round Table event registration

To support the education and business process community,BPMinstitute.org holds several montly online round tables with 20 to 120 participants. These round tables website members and even visitors to register for the round table event. Furthermore, depending upon the date and time, news content is automatically adjusted for pre-show, during and post-show needs. Lastly, the system automatically handled registration thank you, reminders, access login and post show emails leaving BPMinstitute free to concentrate on content generation.

How-to Creates a News event registration

To enable event registration with news records, you’ll need to download, install and include the TypoScript templates of the TYPO3 extensions news_event_register, news_related and news_userinfo. Next, add a news content element to the single news landing page with code EVENT_REGISTER set. Furthermore, you’ll need to create a new page to contain the auto-mailer via another news content element.

As a reminder, in order for this system to initially work, the event registrant must be logged in.

Be warned, these extensions haven’t been updated for TYPO3 4.X.

The extension news_related is required as it’s possible to list multiple events to list for registration purposes.

TYPO3 News and User Scalability

On a side note, if you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s almost 20,000 news articles and over 60,000 users in this particular TYPO3 system. That said, yes, TYPO3 can handle a larger than normal news and user base.

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First posted May 19, 2009

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