Testimonials Premium - WordPress’s Best Testimonials Plugin

Testimonials Premium is the most amazing and incredibly full-featured WordPress testimonials plugin there is. It lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, quotes, reviews, or text with images or videos on your WordPress site. Further, Testimonials Premium offers caching, excerpts, ratings, read more links, more selection options, and advanced capabilities like using custom post types as testimonials. Additionally, testimonials support ratings and users can submit their own testimonials via a front-end form shortcode or widget.

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Through Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium, you can easily add text, checkbox, color, date, radio, single and multiple select, and textarea inputs fields to edit post meta within the bulk edit and quick edit screens for custom post types, pages, and posts. Further, you can enable editing of category and tag taxonomies that don’t normally appear.

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Modify WordPress SEO by Yoast options via bulk and quick edit panels in conjunction with Custom Bulk/Quick Edit.

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Testimonials Premium – WordPress’s Best Testimonials Plugin Custom Bulk/Quick Edit Premium WordPress Plugin – The fastest way to edit custom post types Need to edit 3,000 pages of WordPress SEO settings in minutes?

Testimonials Premium Changelog


  • Include Form CSS is now set by default
  • Remove Testimonials to Dashboard’s At a Glance
  • Require Testimonials by Aihrus 2.19.4
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#84 Form field required asterisk not always red
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#85 New testimonial rating field is blank
  • RESOLVE WordPress Akismet 3.0 class conflict
  • Revise readme options layout
  • Revise screenshots
  • Revise settings options layout


  • Add refund text to readme
  • Cache dashboard_count
  • Change form Summary to Testimonial Summary with small description
  • Change form Text to Full Testimonial
  • Convert [[/]] to [/]
  • Licensing notice display to once per day
  • Require Testimonials by Aihrus 2.19.3
  • RESOLVE Akismet class being redeclared
  • RESOLVE Form options showing as Testimonials widget options
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#80 DB Performance Issues
  • Retain license for one year
  • Revise *_update_license handling
  • Revise cache_get & cache_set handling
  • Revise FAQ section
  • Revise license handling
  • Revise readme description placement


  • Add option Show Content as Excerpt?
  • Revise form text labels
  • Show ratings label on form


  • Require Testimonials by Aihrus 2.19.2


  • Correct form widget inclusion
  • Require Testimonials by Aihrus 2.19.1


  • Please resave your Testimonials > Settings and Widget options for defaults to be corrected
  • RESOLVE Two “Premium Options” headings showing in widget options
  • Update examples


  • Add form option Disable Image Upload via URL?
  • Coding standards
  • Require Aihrus 1.1.0
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#20 Simplify shortcodes
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#56 Prevent edit page column overload
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#66 Vertical transitions not working in widget
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#67 Use .job-title than .title for job title span class
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#73 Add option to disable image upload by URL
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#74 Form options showing when disabled
  • Shortcode and theme function testimonialswidgetpremium_count being deprecated by testimonials_count
  • Shortcode and theme function testimonialswidgetpremium_form being deprecated by testimonials_form
  • Shortcode and theme function testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list being deprecated by testimonials_links
  • Update Aihrus integration
  • Update deactivation routines
  • Update Testimonials 2.19.0


  • RESOLVE Notice undefined index line 1156
  • Update Testimonials 2.18.4


  • Enable rotate per page for carousel
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#61 Horizontal and Vertical transitions not working in widget
  • Revise slide_margin and slide_width defaults
  • Skip rotate_per_page JS if no scripts to manipulate
  • Update copyright year
  • Update EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater 1.1


  • Add ellipsis and read more text filter example
  • Disable rotate per page when using carousel mode
  • Require Testimonials by Aihrus 2.18.2
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#55 Ratings not showing during carousel paging
  • REOPEN michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#59 Blazing fast rotation, always goes to same testimonial
  • RESOLVE Notice: Undefined variable: javascript in includes/class-testimonials-widget-premium.php on line 1250
  • RESOLVE Notice: Undefined variable: key in includes/class-testimonials-widget-premium.php on line 1250
  • Use YouTube https


  • Add FAQ How do I create a testimonial record?
  • Add form option Hide Form Header?
  • jQuery 1.10+ note
  • NOTE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#55 Ratings not showing during carousel paging
  • Remove “Testimonials plugin is required to be activated.” from header
  • Require Testimonials by Aihrus 2.18.1
  • RESOLVE CSS controls.png pathing
  • RESOLVE Form CSS pathing
  • RESOLVE Form header shortcode attribute request
  • RESOLVE Form scripts not loading in footer
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#8 Validate HTML
  • RESOLVE Not recognizing base plugin requirements failure


  • CLOSE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#41 Widget submission form goes red when empty and shortcode form is used - Unable to replicate
  • CLOSE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#42 submission using “Image by URL” doesn’t work if the Form Widget and shortcode form exist together - Unable to replicate
  • Include plugin Testimonials Widget directly
  • Move ci to tests
  • Move files to assets
  • Move lib to includes/libraries
  • Rename custom meta aaa_request to testimonials-widget-premium-form-request
  • Rename custom meta aaa_server to testimonials-widget-premium-form-server
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#9 Show part of the post_content on the testimonials edit page
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#37 Fatal error: Call to undefined method Testimonials_Widget::strip_protocol()
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#40 “Rating” stars won’t show on the sidebar form if the shortcode submission form exists
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#46 Set default rating
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#47 Slow query issues
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#49 Testimonials missing from At a Glance widget on Dashboard
  • Specify a “Text Domain” and “Domain Path”
  • Update Testimonials Premium Shortcode Examples


  • RESOLVE Testimonials Premium load issue


  • Add filter testimonials_widget_premium_scripts_display
  • BUGFIX Fatal error due to inactive REQ_BASE via old Aihrus Framework
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#13 Change the star image for reviews
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#14 Update Antispam bee library
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#15 License activated?, but still showing notice
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#29 Rating stars on non-secure URL
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#30 Possible license disappearing after activation
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#33 License activated?, but still showing notice
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#35 PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Testimonials_Widget_Premium_Antispam’ not found
  • RESOLVE michael-cannon/testimonials-widget#36 Form checking valid_human is failing despite no traffic
  • Use Aihrus Framework 1.0.1
  • Use aihr_check_aihrus_framework


  • BUGFIX #3 PHP Warning: session_destroy
  • BUGFIX #6 Testimonials not activated causes error
  • BUGFIX Notices not showing after deactivation
  • Hide Item URL Field by default
  • Implement PHP version checking
  • Implement WordPress version checking
  • Improve valid_human debug details
  • Replace TODO with https://github.com/michael-cannon/testimonials-widget-premium/issues
  • Revise anti-spam check human notice
  • Revise readme structure
  • Tested up to 3.9.0
  • Update support FAQ


  • Update Aihrus framework


  • $this to CLASS
  • BUGFIX Non static deactivation method called


  • Update Aihrus framework


  • Add PHP 5.3+ required notice
  • Add default gallery
  • Check for PHP 5.3


  • BUGFIX Field codes showing on form


  • Absolute path includes
  • Add Shortcodes helper page - Thank you Scott Hendison
  • Add TW_PLUGIN_DIR path
  • Add buy link to premium license notice
  • Add screenshot 23. This feature requires licenseing to function - Licensing required
  • Add valid_referer debugging
  • Allow plugin usage without license
  • Always check_notices
  • BUGFIX Adjust valid_referer checking for sub-directory installations
  • BUGFIX Clear cache deleted license key
  • BUGFIX JavaScript generated even when no testimonials
  • BUGFIX Testimonial updates don’t clear their related cache entries
  • Begin abstracting common methods
  • Consolidate notices to aihrus
  • Convert include_once to require_once
  • Deactivate license on uninstall
  • Delete notices on deactivation
  • Disable upgrading when license in invalid
  • Enable set_notice with frequency limits
  • Enable activation and version checking
  • Enable upgrading when plugin isn’t activated
  • Hide premium options until valid license activation
  • Include settings earlier
  • Mark cacheables with similar key for easier cleanup
  • Move notice_version to aihrus framework
  • Move notification framework to aihrus directory
  • Moved testimonials-widget-premium-form.css to css directory
  • Properly enable licensing
  • Rebrand Testimonials Widget as Testimonials
  • Refactor Aihrus licensing for class inheritance
  • Refactor license handling
  • Remove API’s source code link
  • Remove donation buttons from plugins page
  • Remove screenshot 23
  • Show enable licensing notice as needed
  • Update TODO
  • Update readme options
  • Use transients speed up license checking


  • Add option Show Next/Prev Controls?
  • Add option controls
  • Add option pager
  • BUGFIX Auto-rotate per page indexing incorrectly
  • BUGFIX Form CSS is missing
  • Enable carousel options to display multiple testimonials at once and rotate them
  • Focus on first form error
  • Revise readme features
  • Update PHPCS config
  • Update for bxSlider
  • Use EDD License Handler licensing and updating
  • Use const JS_KEY
  • Use startSlide for rotate_per_page


  • Adapt JavaScript for animatation transitions
  • Add Review schema to link shortcode code
  • Add rating, item name, and item url to form
  • Add ratings to testimonials display
  • Add screenshot 22. Using Review and AggregateRating schema data structures
  • Added author field to override Review schema author
  • Added item reviewed and url fields for Review schema per testimonial
  • Added simple rating to testimonials
  • Automatically clear cache on updates
  • BUGFIX Auto-rotate per page breaks testionial widget viewing
  • BUGFIX Caching is happening despite no_cache is set
  • BUGFIX Combined required states not selecting unique testimonials
  • BUGFIX Correct Review schema property name to description
  • BUGFIX Failed combined required states selecting all testimonials
  • BUGFIX Form CSS always included
  • BUGFIX Image not linked to read more alternative. Thank you Jay Ramirez.
  • BUGFIX Image span is wrapped by a tag
  • BUGFIX Multiple same rating instances on a page fails
  • BUGFIX No rating value default
  • BUGFIX PHP Notice no_cache
  • BUGFIX Rating label missing on form entry
  • BUGFIX Ratings break in testmode
  • BUGFIX Schema properties contain HTML and entities
  • BUGFIX Stars disappear after initial list view when cached
  • BUGFIX Stars disappear after initial single view when cached
  • BUGFIX Stars disappear after initial widget view when cached
  • BUGFIX query_args not respecting posts to include
  • Bring CSS up to coding standards
  • Clean up JavaScript
  • Display ratings as images in admin
  • Enable rich snippets/structured data per review schema
  • Exclude js/jquery.raty.min.js from phpcs
  • Integrate jQuery Raty – A Star Rating Plugin
  • Load scripts and stylesheets only when needed
  • Made centering linked featured image easier
  • Move ratings input and view before excerpt
  • Remove author lines
  • Require minimumal testimonial rating for display
  • Revise ratings in emails with max
  • SEO tweaks
  • Set rating via stars on form
  • Travis ignore WordPress.WhiteSpace.ControlStructureSpacing - false positives
  • Update TODO
  • Update readme
  • Update schema handling
  • Update screenshots
  • Updated link shortcode code
  • Use API testimonials_widget_schema_review for setting review name
  • Use is_true validation
  • Use excerpt as name for Review schema


  • Add Admin Antispam Debug Help Text
  • Add option Include Form CSS?
  • Add option Use Table Form Layout?
  • Add settings page help tab
  • Add testimonials-widget-premium-form.css
  • BUGFIX plugin_row_meta not returning default state
  • CSS ID testimonials-widget-premium-form changed to class
  • Clean up testmode debug display
  • Option hide_featured_image_url renamed to hide_featured_image
  • Remove unused $period paramter from twp_set_transient
  • Show Antispam Bee reason during `testmode
  • Update TODO
  • Update form related screenshots
  • Update phpcs ruleset
  • Upload testimonial image via URL on front-end
  • Use CSS based form layout to aid small space adaption


  • BUGFIX Auto-rotate by page not sequential


  • BUGFIX Caching defaults not correct


  • BUGFIX Caching defaults not correct


  • Add WP Admin > Testmonials > Clear Cache menu link
  • Add option Auto-Rotate Page-to-Page?
  • Add option Cache Per Page?
  • Add option Disable Donate Text?
  • Add screenshot 19. Removed donation and premium plugin purchase links
  • Add screenshot 20. Clear Cache page results
  • BUGFIX instance numbers breaking caching
  • BUGFIX second testimonial showing when Auto-Rotate Page-to-Page is enabled
  • Change &$this variable calls to $this
  • Consolidate clear cache calls
  • Remove Clear Cache from Setting
  • Remove unused first parameter from cache_get
  • Holding the testimonials position from page to page


  • Clear cache when WP Super Cache, FlexiCache, Hyper Cache, DB Cache Reloaded Fix does
  • Create working plugin install and activate notice links
  • Don’t error out on activation if no free version is active
  • Rename Title to Job Title
  • Update TODO


  • Add StillMaintained.com notice
  • BUGFIX Warning strlen on is_email
  • Prevent checking disable cache and prevent duplicates at same time
  • Update POT
  • Update README.md
  • Use esc_html__ on localization


  • Add video introduction
  • BUGFIX Excerpt missing from post and CPT edit page
  • Correct load ordering
  • Move localization load to init()
  • Rename PLUGIN_FILE to ID
  • Rename internal TW constants to FREE


  • Add filter testimonials_widget_premium_form_heading to customize form heading
  • Add initial API doc
  • BUGFIX Blank testimonial form submissions allowed
  • BUGFIX session_destory PHP warning
  • Begin Circle CI integration
  • Coding standards code updates
  • Correct settings class filename
  • Correctly spell premium in filter names
  • Create TODO doc
  • Don’t load plugin until all are loaded
  • Enable PHP Mess Detector for CI
  • TODO Upload image via link


  • BUGFIX Include settings class for tw_set_option
  • BUGFIX Link targets affected page navigation
  • BUGFIX Saving post submissions despite being invalid or spam
  • Convert ‘Are you a real person?’ to math captcha
  • Enable ‘custom-fields’ for Admins - helpful to debug spam submissions
  • Implement sessions form anti-spam checks
  • Incorporate Antispam Bee methods directly
  • Rename ‘Are you a real person?’ to ‘What is the sum of…?’
  • Show Akismet API ID if nothing given
  • Track _SERVER & _REQUEST for spam purposes
  • Update readme.txt with Form Options
  • Validate form submission before anti-spam checks


  • Add form option: Hide “Are you a real person?” – A simple anti-spam helper
  • Add referrer and user_agent checking
  • Attach user image to testimonial submission email
  • Breakout anti-spam helpers into individual class files
  • Change hpsc_session on every page load
  • Dashboard testimonials pending count statistics
  • Disable Antispam Bee helper until private methods become protected
  • Enable Akismet anti-spam checking
  • FEATURE Multiple antispam techniques
  • Move antispam checks to Testimonials_Widget_Premium_Antispam_Simple class
  • Prevent multiple form instances from tracking each other
  • Revise “a real person” error check message
  • Revise TODOs
  • Revise activation and deactivation handling
  • Update form related screenshots
  • Use donate button than text



  • Add filter testimonials_widget_premimum_form_options - Customize form options
  • Added simple honey pot spam trap
  • BUGFIX Non-static method Testimonials_Widget_Premium_Form::show_form() should not be called statically on line 317 in file /Users/michael/Sites/wp/wp-content/plugins/testimonials-widget-premium/lib/class-testimonials-widget-premium-form.php
  • BUGFIX Non-static method Testimonials_Widget_Widget::display_setting() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context on line 144 in file /Users/michael/Sites/wp/wp-content/plugins/testimonials-widget-premium/lib/class-testimonials-widget-premium-form-widget.php
  • BUGFIX Read more showing when not needed
  • CSS rename testimonialswidget_excerpt to testimonials-widget-premium-excerpt
  • CSS rename testimonialswidgetpremium_form to testimonials-widget-premium-form
  • Clean out TODOs
  • Default Testimonial Category picker
  • Enable Require email via form_options filter
  • FEATURE Testimonials submission form widget
  • Form test mode
  • Remove $blank from testimonials_truncate()
  • Remove $testimonials from get_testimonials_paging
  • Remove unused code
  • Rename testimonials-widget-premium-cache.php class-testimonials-widget-premium-cache.php
  • Rename testimonials-widget-premium-form.php class-testimonials-widget-premium-form.php
  • Spellcheck readme.txt
  • Update CSS for WordPress Coding Standards
  • Update JavaScript for WordPress Coding standards
  • Update PHP for WordPress Coding Standards
  • Update POT
  • Update screenshots


  • BUGFIX Can’t set featured image
  • Begin WordPress coding standard cleanup
  • Clean up static method calls to prevent PHP Strict notices
  • Correct WordPress URL usage for plugin updates
  • Remove unused activation method
  • Update FAQ URL
  • Update POT


  • Activation hook placeholder
  • Add plugin screen link to notice_version
  • BUGFIX preventing the site from communicating with WP plugins API
  • Form widget placeholder
  • Require TW version 2.11.1
  • Set sections and settings filters via constructor
  • Update TODOs
  • Update text domain for localization and POT


  • Add Donate link to plugin row meta
  • Add Location field to link listing
  • Add Mail Notification option to form
  • Add Settings to plugin action links
  • Auto-update disable if not on plugins page
  • BUGFIX Convert q tags to blockquote Why?
  • BUGFIX How to hide “Read more” on testimonials not exceeding the characterlimit?
  • BUGFIX check for global post when no posts
  • Deactivate if no active or incorrect version of Testimonials Widget plugin
  • Description update
  • Email notification for user submitted testimonials
  • Enable Default Testimonial Author and Mail Recipient for user submission based upon administrator and editor users
  • Ignore excerpt in single view
  • Ignore init() during AJAX and autosave operations
  • Install or update Testimonials Widget plugin notice
  • Replace filter testimonials_widget_disable_more_link with setting hide_read_more
  • Screenshot 15 New testimonial submission email
  • Simplify CSS naming
  • Update POT
  • Update TODOs
  • Update features
  • Update general verbiage
  • Update internal version tracking
  • Update readme formatting
  • Use self::$base for self checking



  • Add form fields
  • Add option - Add nofollow to “Read more” Links?
  • Add screenshot 13 [testimonialswidgetpremium_form] – Add a Testimonial
  • Add screenshot 14 Testimonials Widget Settings > Entry Form tab
  • Apply nonce
  • Begin [testimonialswidgetpremium_form] work
  • Change HTML layout to id than class
  • Clean language domains
  • Create form and cache library files
  • Default post author, category, and status settings
  • Form demo link
  • Move Clear Cache option to top
  • Move Changelog to changelog.txt
  • Move validation to configuration
  • Revise entry form verbiage
  • Revise form labels
  • Revise form_options loading
  • Revise style register and encoding key
  • Screenshot 3 updated
  • Set user submitted meta data
  • Strip slashes on user input for front-end
  • Update Form Shortcode Options
  • Update description
  • Update POT
  • Upload and show image
  • Validate form via Testimonials_Widget_Settings::validate_settings
  • Validate with errors on show_form


  • Testimonials entry form [testimonialswidgetpremium_form] – Coming Soon
  • Version tracking for default settings
  • post_type=post shortcode example


  • FEATURE Rotate built-in and custom post types
  • Screenshot 3 updated
  • Screenshot 12 updated
  • Update POT
  • Update description


  • Centralize settings, validation and defaults for use with Settings and Widgets
  • FEATURE Settings screen
  • FEATURE Wrap image in link
  • FEATURE Force “Read more” link
  • Localization, Spanish updates
  • Remove defaults
  • Screenshot 3 updated
  • Screenshot 12 added
  • Update POT
  • Variable rename
  • Verbiage updates


  • BUGIX $response var warning
  • BUGIX “Hide Read More” works with excerpts now
  • CSS Show cursor on “Next testimonial” text – Thank you LittleFish56 for this suggestion
  • Localization, Spanish


  • Add filter testimonials_widget_premimum_next_text
  • FAQ 20 Change the ‘Next testimonial…’ text


  • BUGFIX Purge transients time adjustment
  • Begin [testimonialswidgetpremium_form] shortcode
  • FAQ 19 Style alternating background colors
  • Features update
  • Localization, Hebrew
  • Screenshot 11. Alternating background colors – Courtesy of placeofstillness


  • BUGFIX Post caching unique not always unique
  • Change Aihrus support email to contact form
  • Revise cache clearing
  • Screenshot 2 updated
  • Update features


  • Add option require_excerpt
  • BUGFIX extra excerpt in single view
  • Screenshot 3 updated
  • Update features
  • Update shortcode examples


  • Enable before and after for paging
  • Enable excerpts for is_list mode
  • Feature - Ensure unique testimonial display per page
  • Only show “…” if content is truncated when appeding “Read more”
  • Revert on-demand CSS to always included
  • Support section updated
  • Update description


  • Author URL update
  • Enable CSS class .even and .odd for testimonial entries
  • FAQ 18 Alternating .even and .odd CSS classes
  • Only include CSS if testimonials instance called
  • Screenshot 3 update
  • Update POT


  • BUGFIX PHP Warning missing no_cache
  • Escape shortcode examples
  • FAQ 1 update
  • FAQ 17 Show multiple testimonials in rotation
  • Prevent on page duplicates
  • Proper caching for unique. Maybe implement counter or tracker to only do sequence once on a page
  • Screenshot 1 revised
  • Screenshot 10 added
  • Screenshot 4 revised
  • Screenshot 7 updated
  • Screenshot 9 added
  • Update premium features
  • WPML compatible
  • unique Requires caching to be enabled


  • no_cache option
  • Screenshot 2 updated
  • Screenshot 3 updated


  • BUGFIX $wp_version PHP Notice
  • Apply CSS close_quote class after truncation for Testimonials Widget 2.7.3


  • CSS .testimonialswidget_excerpt styling
  • FAQ 6 update
  • FAQ 16 Show the expert and hide the image in the testimonial single view
  • Filter testimonials_widget_disable_cache default state now true
  • Hide Excerpt option added
  • Remove deactivate_plugins( Testimonials_Widget_Premium::Testimonials_Widget_Premium_Plugin ) when Testimonials Widget plugin isn’t active
  • Screenshot 2 updated
  • Screenshot 3 updated
  • Screenshot 4 updated
  • Screenshot 5 updated
  • Screenshot 6 updated
  • Screenshot 7 updated
  • Screenshot 8 revised
  • Update POT


  • Information relocation…
  • Swap screenshot 3 & 8
  • TODO Update notification link
  • Tags update
  • Update notification for automatic upgrading
  • Whitespacing


  • Add “Read more” link column to testimonial posts page
  • Deletes related cache entries on testimonial update
  • Enabled alternate destinations for “Read more” links
  • FAQ 15 clear old testimonialswidget transients from wp_options
  • Increase .testimonialswidget_testimonial .testimonialswidget_next top margin spacing
  • Purge old style transient cache entries on activation
  • Rename cron scheduling functions
  • Update POT


  • Add Next testimonial link to widget display
  • Add shortcode [testimonialswidgetpremium_count] for count of selected testimonials
  • Add theme functions testimonialswidgetpremium_counttestimonialswidgetpremium_link_list
  • BUGFIX - New premium options have no defaults
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.6
  • Delete old transient cache entries
  • Description update
  • Enable selecting only testimonials with featured image
  • Enabled minimum and maximum testimonial length requirements - only select testmonials meeting these needs. Helps only select shorter testimonials for small boxes and longer for large. :)
  • FAQ 11 No testimonial content for [testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list]
  • FAQ 12 [testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list] paging only works on pages
  • FAQ 13 Use the theme functions
  • FAQ 14 Style “Next testimonial…” text block
  • Fixed paging for list of links to all testimonials
  • Refactor query_args selection process
  • Remove activation code bits
  • Screenshot 3 update
  • Screenshot 7 require_imageminimum_length and maximum_length option examples
  • Screenshot 8 Widget with ‘Next testimonial…’ link
  • Set transient base name
  • TODO Add – Delete old transient cache entries
  • TODO Add – Select only testimonials with featured image
  • TODO Remove – Enable Testimonials Widget activation on activation
  • Update POT
  • Update Shortcode Examples


  • Add “Shortcode Examples”
  • Add excerpt support in edit page and widget view
  • Copyright year update
  • FAQ 9. Testimonial excerpt in single view
  • FAQ 10. Style single view excerpt
  • Minor code clean up
  • Optionally add excerpt to single view
  • Screenshot 5. Widget with ‘sample excerpt’ and ‘Read more’ link
  • Screenshot 6. Single view with ‘sample excerpt’
  • TODO Add - Client supplied testimonials with Dashboard review


  • BUGFIX truncate_content worked on “No testimonials found”


  • Add filter testimonials_widget_premimum_html_link
  • Add FAQ 8 Customize testimonials title links list
  • Remove TODO Template engine - using filters


  • Aihrus branding
  • Description update


  • Adapt for keep_whitespace
  • Add filters verbiage to description
  • Correct clearcache query arg - darn get_query_var doesn’t work
  • Donate to purchase verbiage change - One bad experience ruins it for all
  • TODO clean up from free version
  • Tested up to 3.5.0


  • FAQ 2 Update add_filter helper for testimonials_widget_premimum_more_ellipsis
  • Filters list update
  • Update POT


  • BUGFIX Missing CSS fix


  • Add screenshot 4
  • FEATURE Add shortcode [testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list]



  • Add “Filter Options” section
  • Add filter testimonials_widget_disable_cache
  • Add filter testimonials_widget_disable_more_link
  • BUGFIX No image in widget
  • Begin coding shortcode testimonialswidgetpremium_link_list
  • FAQ 6 Disable caching
  • FAQ 7 Disable read more links
  • TODO Add template engine
  • TODO Update notifications
  • Update donate link
  • Use get_query_var than $_REQUEST


  • Activate only if Testimonials Widget plugin is active
  • Clean up tags per plugin guidelines
  • FAQ 5 No activation
  • OPTION add hide_read_more
  • SCREENSHOT Widget Premium Options


  • Add CSS file
  • Add clearcache option
  • Add language file
  • Add read more links
  • FAQ 2 add_filter helper for testimonials_widget_premimum_more_text
  • FAQ 3 “Page not found” URL
  • FAQ 4 add_filter helper for testimonials_widget_premimum_link_title_text
  • SCREENSHOTs ‘Read more’ links


  • Revise as WordPress plugin


  • Initial release