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Seo_basics is an excellent starter for rapidly implementing basic search engine optimization capabilities in TYPO3. For most, seo_basics when used with realurl for search engine friendly URLs is enough. However, for content publishers that require passing along more information about articles or publication contexts being included directly in a page, a meta abstract and author tag is needed.

After you’ve included seo_basics in your TYPO3 template, add the following TypoScript to the Setup box to enable meta abstract and author tags.

plugin.tx_seobasics {
	# Building the Abstract tag
	70 = TEXT
	70 < .30 = page:abstract
	70.stdWrap >
	70.wrap = <meta name="abstract" content="|" />
	# Building the Author tag
	# Thank you Joey <[email protected]> for the postCObjet cleanup
	80 = TEXT
	80 < .30
	80 {
		data = page:author = page:author_email
		stdWrap >
		required = 1
		postCObject = TEXT
		postCObject {
			data = page:author_email
			noTrimWrap = | (|)| = page:author
			required = 1
		wrap = <meta name="author" content="|" />

You’ll notice that the TypoScript for the author tag is a little more complex than usual. The reason being is that you have 4 states in which the author tag can be presented. Those meta author tag states are:

  • No author tag at all
  • Name only
  • Email only
  • Name and email

Samples of each, except none, are shown below.

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Originally posted November 3, 2009

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