20% of These Business Checkups Apply to You

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Every day I glance through a hundred or so articles and entries covering business, Chinese, entertainment, lifestyle, news, social networking, software and TYPO3. Out of these hundreds of reads a week I find trends in what’s happening. A major trend I’m seeing these days is quite basic.

2009′s Major Online Writing Trend – Focus

Focus no matter how you define it comes down to only paying attention to what matters most. I’ve written on this before with Finding Happiness: Balancing Life, Work, and Family and Focus, the Hard Part.

As I wrote back in 2008, still feel strongly about and as last week’s writing trend shows; to succeed you must focus.

Choosing How to Focus Matters Not, Just Focus

Each of finds or will find focus in our own way. Below are 5 recent articles that will give you ideas on finding that particular focus to make your business and personal more successful.

  1. Accomplish More Each Day: Four Steps to Easy Delegation
  2. Is Your Company Social Media Optimized?
  3. What a Cocky CEO Can Teach You About World-Class
  4. Top 10 Outsourcing Trends by Small Businesses in 2009
  5. 10 Reasons Why Most Businesses Fail

With reading above, what do think is the singular item you should focus on most in business? What about personal life?

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