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SavvyMiss.com topical news articles

Sometimes showing the news is just that, but what if you want to do something different?

Here’s 10 ways that past TYPO3 Vagabond clients have made TYPO3 tt_news work better for them.

Today we’ll cover what’s been done. Next week, we’ll cover how it was done.

SavvyMiss.com Topical news Articles

SavvyMiss.com, a community for women, has lots of very topical content and for each topic, it’s best served within its own section. Additionally, as each topic has its own section, there’s also branded landing pages for each topic which allows for very targeted advertising.

SavvyMiss.com topical news articles

AINonline.com most recent news listing

AINonline.com provides the latest news and conference information for the aviation industry. For them, getting the latest news in a teaser format is fairly common. However, they also have a second version of more recent news from specific industry sectors.

BJTonline.com news Articles in the menu

BJTonline.com is written for the users of business aircraft, as in those riding in the cabin. In the aim of getting the news where the readers are looking, the latest news articles are also linked from within the left navigation of the website.

BJTonline.com news articles in the menu

BJTonline.com paged news

BJTonline.com is the online home to the slick print magazine, as such advertisers are provided for plenty of views as well by paging the news articles after every 300 words. For longer articles, this might mean 7-times more ad views than normal.

BJTonline.com paged news

BPMinstitute.org White Papers login or visitor registration

BPMinstitute.org has been established in response to the demand for education and peer exchange on all aspects surrounding business process computing. As the website content provided is high-quality and at times sponsor-backed, there’s a strong need to prevent illegitimate access. To overcome this there’s membership access restrictions in place that’s also supplemented with the ability for website visitors to gain temporary access to a single white paper.

BPMinstitute.org White Papers login or visitor registration

BPMinstitute.org White Papers lead generator

BPMinstitute.org has really pushed what can be done with tt_news in many avenues in regards to lead generation. Whenever downloadable content is available in a login restricted manner, downloading of the media file can trigger a lead notification event directly to the content sponsor. Additionally, the lead information can even be made available for sponsors to download themselves.

BPMinstitute.org White Papers lead generator

BPMinstitute.org Round Table event registration

To support the education and business process community,BPMinstitute.org holds several montly online round tables with 20 to 120 participants. These round tables website members and even visitors to register for the round table event. Furthermore, depending upon the date and time, news content is automatically adjusted for pre-show, during and post-show needs. Lastly, the system automatically handled registration thank you, reminders, access login and post show emails leaving BPMinstitute free to concentrate on content generation.

BPMinstitute.org Round Table event registration

Cephalon.com news product and Archive Menu

Cephalon.com is one of the world’s top ten biopharmaceutical companies with over 30 products worldwide for innovative treatments of central nervous system disorders, pain and cancer. Instead of trying to create a specific page for the top products, they let the product’s menu listing be auto-generated. On a similar note, the annual archive is auto-generated as well.

Cephalon.com news product and archive menu

Topconpositioning.com products are news too

Topcon Positioning Systems provides the innovative positioning technology principally for the construction industries. When a year-old, high-end, high-cost proprietary product and content management system failed to do as promised for Topcon Positioning Systems TPS, they turned to TYPO3. Now TPS is managing and presenting latest news, press releases and even products with auto-generating menus and easy to navigate pages.

Topconpositioning.com products are news too

Acqal.com Most Popular Blog Posts

Minor bout of self-promotion.

Acqal.com is was an official TYPO3 agency in the United States. To let our blog readers know what other have found most interesting, we offered a popular blog posts listing.

Acqal.com most popular blog posts

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