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Testimonials Premium adds onto the best WordPress testimonials plugin there is, Testimonials . Testimonials Premium offers caching, excerpts, filters, read more links, more selection options, and advanced capabilities like using custom post types as testimonials. Additionally, users can submit their own testimonials via a front-end form shortcode or widget.

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1. Single `[testimonials]` entry with and without ‘Read more’ link

‘Read more’ is a premium feature

[testimonials char_limit=100 ids=14473]

Željko Aščić

Hello again Michael.

This plugin is amazing with the current version, I can’t imagine it, how cool w… Read more

[testimonials ids=14473]

Željko Aščić

Hello again Michael.

This plugin is amazing with the current version, I can’t imagine it, how cool will it be when you finish the all options.
I can’t imagine how did I inserted images manually before :). What a time waste.

I added ten posts and all are perfectly imported.

2. Widget with “Read more” and Next/Prev links

‘Read more’, `show_controls`, `require_excerpt`, and `minimum_length` are premium features

[testimonials_slider show_controls=true keep_whitespace=true char_limit=250 minimum_length=100]

Gregory Karpinsky

I am 101% happy with this plugin Read more

Gregory KarpinskyWorkaholicToronto

[testimonials_slider show_controls=true require_excerpt=true]

Thanks, It works fine now. Read more
Pankaj TechilaWeb DevelopementPune

4. `[testimonials_links]` Shortcode examples

‘testimonials_links` is a premium features

[testimonials_links limit=3 hide_image=true]

[testimonials_links limit=3]

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7. `require_image`, `minimum_length` and `maximum_length` shortcode option examples

These are premium features

[testimonials_slider require_image=true show_controls=true]

Great plug-in Read more
GeorgiaGUser Experience DesignGeorgia Gibbs Design

[testimonials_slider minimum_length=250 char_limit=250]

Thanks a lot for your great work. Read more
Hubert Keil

[testimonials_slider maximum_length=100]

Aleweb Social Marketing
Thanks, Michael! I appreciate the great support! The fix works like a charm. :-)

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9. `[testimonials_count]` Examples

These are premium features



[testimonials_count category=wordpress]


[testimonials_count tags=support]


[testimonials_count category=wordpress tags=support]


[testimonials_count post_type=post]


22. `[testimonials_slider limit=3 show_controls=true require_ratings=3 require_image=true hide_excerpt=true]` Show testimonials having at least 3 stars and a featured image, but don’t show the excerpt

These are premium features

very good thanks
MarkYork, United KingdomThe Creative Agency

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Horizontal slider – `[testimonials_slider carousel_count=3 transition_mode=horizontal slide_width=250 slide_margin=25 require_ratings=1]`

These are premium features

Home Specialists
I think your Testimonials Widget is a great product, and your support is outstanding! Couldn’t be happier with a plugin!
Steve KonetchyHandymanNorwood, MAHome Specialists
Awesome Plugin! Read more
deathbyhicksWebsite Designer
Sure. Nice plugin by the way. Really appreciate your response time.
Michael has provided excellent support. It took me some time to grasp some of the concepts, but he was very helpful in pointing out what I needed to do to make the plugin work as we would like it to.
Michael is extremely responsive to support requests; and goes out of his way to resolve issues-even those not related directly to his plugin (which is terrific, btw)>
Vivian RodriguezDivorce & Paternity LawyerMiami, Florida
Great plug-in Read more
GeorgiaGUser Experience DesignGeorgia Gibbs Design
dSelhime Design
Very prompt response. I appreciate the support and am happy that there are people like you in the open source community.
David SelhimeGraphic Design/Web DesignGlenwood Springs, ColoradodSelhime Design
Drew Westcott
Brilliant image orientated theme Read more
Thanks again for the work on the Testimonials Plugin.
Brett BumeterSoftduit Partners
Great job Read more

Vertical slider – `[testimonials_slider carousel_count=2 slide_margin=50 transition_mode=vertical show_controls=true show_pager=true show_start_stop=true]`

These are premium features

Thanks for spending time giving us a detailed work agreement for our initial list of problems – I can see that your organization is run in a highly professional manner, and I would be very comfortable working with Acqal.
Ryan LessmanMemberLifeSpring Church
Yes! The most recent updates removed the extraneous quotation marks. Thank you so much for your help! This is a GREAT plugin; thank you for quickly responding to your users’ questions and concerns. God’s blessings to you!
Mike Elford
Michael knows his stuff Read more
Excellent and swift. Most impressed.
Latest version (Flickr Shortcode Importer) is one of the best plugins that exists for WordPress. Practically unlimited amount of free images for your posts if you don’t mind crediting authors.
Thanks for making this plugin available! Very much appreciated.
Nick Brubaker
First off, I like your plugin and it looks great on my site.
Nick BrubakerTeacher, Japan池袋英会話
Mark Gillingham
Excellent! I was surprised that I could find nothing on the topic. Now, thank to you, the solution is available.
Thanks Michael, I appreciate it! Love the plug-in it’s been very useful to us.
Tora Cullip
I looked at lots of testimonial plugins before I settled on this one. Being a “non-techy” person, I liked how easy it was to implement and use. I had one minor glitch with the plugin and put in a request for help. I must admit I wasn’t sure if I’d get a response. But Michael was onto it with the speed of light! He got in touch within a matter of hours, worked out the problem and updated the entire plugin. I was delighted and impressed to get such great service. I will definitely look out for other services and products from Michael! :-)
Tora CullipWeight Control ExpertDonna & Tora

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