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Testimonials Premium adds onto the best WordPress testimonials plugin there is, Testimonials . Testimonials Premium offers caching, excerpts, filters, read more links, more selection options, and advanced capabilities like using custom post types as testimonials. Additionally, users can submit their own testimonials via a front-end form shortcode or widget.

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1. Single `[testimonials]` entry with and without ‘Read more’ link

‘Read more’ is a premium feature

[testimonials char_limit=100 ids=14473]

Željko Aščić

Hello again Michael.

This plugin is amazing with the current version, I can’t imagine it, how cool w… Read more

[testimonials ids=14473]

Željko Aščić

Hello again Michael.

This plugin is amazing with the current version, I can’t imagine it, how cool will it be when you finish the all options.
I can’t imagine how did I inserted images manually before :). What a time waste.

I added ten posts and all are perfectly imported.

2. Widget with “Read more” and Next/Prev links

‘Read more’, `show_controls`, `require_excerpt`, and `minimum_length` are premium features

[testimonials_slider show_controls=true keep_whitespace=true char_limit=250 minimum_length=100]


Very fast, precise and excellent work Read more

Ruediger RollerEntrepreneurPortaleza UG IM Agency Munich, Germany

[testimonials_slider show_controls=true require_excerpt=true]

Great Plugin Read more
SF Website DesignSan Francisco

4. `[testimonials_links]` Shortcode examples

‘testimonials_links` is a premium features

[testimonials_links limit=3 hide_image=true]

[testimonials_links limit=3]

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7. `require_image`, `minimum_length` and `maximum_length` shortcode option examples

These are premium features

[testimonials_slider require_image=true show_controls=true]

Very easy to use! Read more
Chris ColottiConsultantUSA

[testimonials_slider minimum_length=250 char_limit=250]

Michael provided a super-responsive transition of our primary web portal from an antiquated CMS into a well structured and functional TYPO3 installation. I’m incredibly pleased with his professionalism and friendly support. I’d recommend him highly t… Read more

[testimonials_slider maximum_length=100]

wow, that worked a treat, amazing thanks :) … Thank you – you have been amazing!

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9. `[testimonials_count]` Examples

These are premium features



[testimonials_count category=wordpress]


[testimonials_count tags=support]


[testimonials_count category=wordpress tags=support]


[testimonials_count post_type=post]


22. `[testimonials_slider limit=3 show_controls=true require_ratings=3 require_image=true hide_excerpt=true]` Show testimonials having at least 3 stars and a featured image, but don’t show the excerpt

These are premium features

Lately, I’ve been frustrated with some plugins because they feel more like developer tools, and not friendly for someone whose business isn’t in configuring a complicated plugin. I teach Excel workshops. Testimonials Widget is perfect. The instructions are clear. The configuration is straightforward and has enough options. I’ve got my testimonials page up and now I can get back to teaching Excel. (But I tried 2 other testimonials widgets that just got me frustrated.)
Oz ManicData Mercenary

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Horizontal slider – `[testimonials_slider carousel_count=3 transition_mode=horizontal slide_width=250 slide_margin=25 require_ratings=1]`

These are premium features

Tora Cullip
I looked at lots of testimonial plugins before I settled on this one. Being a “non-techy” person, I liked how easy it was to implement and use. I had one minor glitch with the plugin and put in a request for help. I must admit I wasn’t sure if I’d get a response. But Michael was onto it with the speed of light! He got in touch within a matter of hours, worked out the problem and updated the entire plugin. I was delighted and impressed to get such great service. I will definitely look out for other services and products from Michael! :-)
Tora CullipWeight Control ExpertDonna & Tora
Tam Johnston
Great widget, fantastic support – get it! Read more
Tam JohnstonDirector and Founder Fresh Insight CoachingLondon
Home Specialists
Michael, Works like a charm! You’ve apparently fixed it. I appreciate your all your help. Thanks again,
Steve KonetchyHandymanHome SpecialistsNorwood, MA
Great Plugin Read more
SF Website DesignSan Francisco
English Language Centre
Dedicated author and excellent testimonials plugin Read more
BarnezTeacherEnglish Language CentreReino Unido
Just what I was looking, for but … Read more
AnnePenguin Office ServicesUnited Kingdom
Good plugin for developers Read more
Alex Stone 10United States
Awesome support from Michael as always. :)
Thanks from debwork.com
Debra Vandenbroucke
Best quote rotation plugin available Read more

Vertical slider – `[testimonials_slider carousel_count=2 slide_margin=50 transition_mode=vertical show_controls=true show_pager=true show_start_stop=true]`

These are premium features

Thanks Michael :)
Colin Pridham
Home Specialists
You’ve obviously changed the Testimonials and Testimonials-Premium software and G-R-E-A-T-L-Y improved the ease of upgrades. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Much Appreciated!
Steve KonetchyHandymanHome SpecialistsNorwood, MA
Eric Blomberg
Ok….i got to know….I see your posts all the time….how the heck are you able to travel around the world and just have fun all the time? How do I sign up?
Joe Weber
Hi Michael, I love your rotating testimonials widget—thanks for the great work! I’ve enjoyed the plugin so much, and since I’m a graphic designer I took you up on your offer to create a banner image for the plugin page.
Joe WeberSpencer, Iowa12 Star Creative
terrific help and support Read more
Brenda Dewey
Really good widget Read more
gwolf70Web Designer - MarketerUSA
…you are a very clever person… Read more
Bahman FarzadProject ManagerProfitengineersCambridge
Very impressed with the help provided. Many thanks!
Sarah PopeSpica Creative
Hi ! Thanks for this great plugin and sharing it with the community. :) I’ve been browsing your FAQ as I want to order the output of each Testi (putting the source before the quote, etc.), and in many tickets you mention the following :
// do stuff… see Testimonials_Widget::get_testimonial_html for default processing
But I’ve been searching for this Testimonials_Widget::get_testimonial_html , I haven’t find it anywhere clearly explained… Am I missing something ? Thanks a lot for your time !
u fast :) thx

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