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Testimonials Premium adds onto the best WordPress testimonials plugin there is, Testimonials. Testimonials Premium offers caching, excerpts, ratings, read more links, more selection options, and advanced capabilities like using custom post types as testimonials. Additionally, testimonials support ratings and users can submit their own testimonials via a front-end form shortcode or widget.

The WordPress testimonials plugin, Testimonials lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, quotes, reviews, or text with images or videos on your WordPress site.

User submitted testimonials are marked as “Pending” in WordPress Admin > Testimonials listing.

Video introduction

Demo – Testimonials Examples

Primary Premium Features

  • Akismet, math-based CAPTCHA, and more anti-spam traps
  • Alternate destinations for “Read more” links
  • Auto rotate testimonials by page
  • CSS or HTML table based testimonials submissions form layout
  • Caching of testimonials queries and content to decrease server load time improve page loading speed by 1/10 to 1/2 a second
  • Carousel mode for rotating multiple testimonials at the same time
  • Displays ratings to grant testimonials more power!
  • Excerpts for widget view, with read more link to complete testimonial
  • Front-end entry form for user supplied testimonials. Live form demo
  • Select only testimonials with excerpts, images or of arbitrary maximum and minimum length
  • Show unique testimonials when displaying multiple testimonial instances

Premium Shortcodes

  • Count of testimonials [testimonials_count]
  • List of testimonial source and title linking to full entry [testimonials_links]
  • Testimonials entry form [testimonials_form]

Premium Theme Functions

  • <?php echo testimonials_count( $args ); ?>
  • <?php echo testimonials_form( $args ); ?>
  • <?php echo testimonials_links( $args ); ?>

Additional Features

  • “Read more” link column on testimonial posts admin page
  • Admin mode only anti-spam debug help text
  • Alternating .even and .odd CSS classes for styling testimonial list entries
  • Built-in update notification
  • Cache per page when you use custom testimonials instance per page
  • Clear cache when WP Super Cache, FlexiCache, Hyper Cache, DB Cache Reloaded Fix does
  • Default post author, category, and status options for user testimonial submissions
  • Deletes old and related testimonial cache entries automatically
  • Disable caching for widget, shortcode or theme functions
  • Disable donate and purchase related text and links
  • Email notification for user submitted testimonials
  • Fields for rating, item reviewed, and item URL per testimonial
  • Filters for caching and more link control, text replacement, and more
  • Form “Testimonial” header text is customizable to “Specials” or other terms
  • Multiple user-entry forms on same page are allowed
  • On testimonial submission error, focus on first required field
  • Override Review schema author name
  • Plugin version tracking to ensure compatibility
  • Premium tab on settings screen for site-wide option defaults
  • Read more links for testimonials exceeding the character limit
  • Require minimumal testimonial rating for display
  • Review microdata format per schema.org
  • Right Now Dashboard widget displays “Pending Testimonials” counts
  • Select post, page and other custom post types for content rotations slider
  • Settings and URL based cache clearing
  • Shortcodes and theme functions for testimonials count and testimonial link list
  • Shortcodes, theme functions, and widget user testimonial submission form
  • Show excerpts with list and single views
  • Simple, single rating per testimonials (more capabilities to come in future releases)
  • Testimonial links listing with image, source, title, location, company, and URL fields
  • Upload images by browsing or URL
  • WordPress Admin > Testimonials > Clear Cache menu link
  • WPML compatible

Doesn’t Work For You?

No problem, get a 100% refund and keep the software. Your license for support and updates will be revoked though.

See Testimonials Premium Plugin for details.

We are users, you should be too!


Testimonials Premium does this…

Mike Elford
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11 Comments on "Testimonials Premium Plugin for WordPress"

  • Am I missing something or is there no documentation on the filters available with this plugin?

  • Ewan Colin

    Hi, I just updated this plugin for first time in two months. Now the testimonials are no longer working in my WPML site. Did you recently remove WordPress Multi Lingual support for the free version of this plugin?

    • Did you read or search the FAQ?

      I’m sorry about that response, I hadn’t realized WP admin cutoff the comment when I replied.

      WPML is still in place in free and paid Testimonials Widget. You probably have to go through the WPML troubleshooting process again to get TW’s custom post type picked up.

  • nathan winners

    is this premium plugin compliant with schema?

    • I don’t have micro-schema enabled yet as I haven’t figured out which to use. The problem is that there’s the reviews, quote, and testimonials point of views to this, plus who’s the actual author beyond other niggling details.

      If you can present some clear guidance on how to best proceed, I’d be happy to code it in soon.

    • The testimonials widget plugins are now Review schema compliant.

      • Rick

        Is the premium or standard version complaint with the review schema?

        • Yes, the Review schema generated passes the microdata tests from Google. See the demo links in the features listing.

  • Had someone else set up my testimonials but they used free version and features aren’t working so now I have purchased premium. However, I have no idea how/where to activate the new version and am afraid of losing 45 testimonials I already set up. Please advise.

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