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Casey FridayWeb DeveloperSAT

That’s working now, thanks very much for your help.

Colin Hardie

Hey Michael,

You provide excellent support. I really appreciate it. Problem solved. Have a great christmas.

JensenWorks Technology

That was VERY kind of you. Thank you!

As always, it worked like a charm.

Matthew JensenJensenWorks TechnologyAirdrie, Alberta, Canada

thanks for the quick response. I have to say our of all the plug-ins I’ve used, your support has been the best!!

EdThe Tub CompanyUnited Kingdom

Thanks you very much! My issue is solved – the reset did the trick. Thanks again!

Alaa El Ghatit

Michael, in the last six months I have seen you go from a colleague and friend in a very capable Chief People Officer, to an amazing Chief Operations Officer, and still remain our colleague and friend! That’s the best way I can put it. :-)

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Jasper LeviMarketing ManagerAxelerantNoida, India

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Love this plugin Read more

Steve PIT Consultant/PhotographerMobile PC RescueManchester

I just wanted to say awesome plugin Custom Bulk/Quick Edit by Aihrus.