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Hi. Thank you for your quick reply. I did do some CSS workarounds which got me the look I want and can tweak more if needed. Sometimes developers make those customizations almost impossible. Thanks again!

It is a great plugin.

Elizabeth BlakelyVisible Mission, Inc.

For me it’s a bit overkill so I’m not sure it would ever be five-star for my current requirements (I was close to giving 5 though). I know it sounds odd but I found the wealth of options and settings a little frustrating when all I wanted to do was display a single testimonial on a page.

Something that might be helpful is the inclusion of everything you have listed under “Shortcode and Widget Options” on this page, maybe on the Example Shortcodes page within WP Admin. It’s a bit frustrating having to go the site to find that info. Including help etc. in the plugin would be useful, maybe links to the FAQ etc (I know you have a link right at the footer but make it more prominent).

Also, the Settings area could do with a facelift/rejig. I find that it’s a bit heavy on whitespace meaning there is lots of scrolling to find settings. You could maybe have a tab in settings that have the “eg shortcodes” and “Shortcode and Widget Options” rather than having it as a seperate link in the sidebar.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts. It’s really more about the usability rather than the functionality.

Have a good weekend!

MarbleCakeHead of DevelopmentMarble CakeSouth Wales

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MarbleCakeHead of DevelopmentMarble CakeSouth Wales
Candace Czarny Award Winning Interior Designer and Feng Shui Expert

Got it fixed. Thank you for your help!

Candace CzarnyFeng Shui ExpertWind & Water Inc.Sedona, AZ

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CorvusmileBusiness Development OfficerCGIT-E@RNChittagong, Bangladesh

Hi Michael,

I have tested it and it’s working perfectly. Thank you again for your help with this.

And thank you for the random picture!


Sally HainesIT Support TechnicianInterpro Technology Solutions Limited

Michael – yay! Thank you so much! I appreciate it. :)

KatieFull-Stack Web DeveloperYellow Rubber Ball, LLC.Durham, North Carolina