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Rocking the World with 450 Aihrus Testimonials

We take pride in the work we do and your feedback drives us to do better.

If we’ve done good by you, please leave your own Aihrus testimonial.

If not, please tell us why not. We’re not shy about continuous improvement and knowing that we can do better.

Candace Czarny Award Winning Interior Designer and Feng Shui Expert

Got it fixed. Thank you for your help!

Candace CzarnyFeng Shui ExpertWind & Water Inc.Sedona, AZ

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CorvusmileBusiness Development OfficerCGIT-E@RNChittagong, Bangladesh

Hi Michael,

I have tested it and it’s working perfectly. Thank you again for your help with this.

And thank you for the random picture!


Sally HainesIT Support TechnicianInterpro Technology Solutions Limited

Michael – yay! Thank you so much! I appreciate it. :)

KatieFull-Stack Web DeveloperYellow Rubber Ball, LLC.Durham, North Carolina
Seb Alexander

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radiant elephant

Statistics show that people are much more receptive to buy from of go with a company based on customer testimonials. Featuring these on your website increases conversion. With this plugin you can add beautiful testimonials to your site. This plugin is very customizable, allowing you to create a range of different testimonial layouts to fit best with your website design.

Gabriel BertoloRadiant ElephantUSA

Testimonials are a great way of raising the profile of you, your services, and your products. The Testimonials by Aihrus plugin is one of the best testimonial plugins available. It allows you to display testimonials using image slides, video slides, and text slides.

Testimonials can be displayed using shortcodes or widgets. Alternatively, you can add them directly into your theme. The plugin offers many customization options and can be themed easily using CSS.


Testimonials by Aihrus is an enhanced WordPress Plugin through which a user can efficiently manage a client’s testimonials, reviews and quotes to your WordPress website. You can add the testimonials content via shortcodes, theme functions or widgets.


You can see this plugin in action at the bottom of my site. You add testimonials like you would a new post and then edit the widget to show the client’s name, website, job title, location etc. If you run any sort of business you definitely want to add testimonials somewhere on your site!

Sarah MorganXO SarahDetroit

Rave reviews, client stories, praise – whatever you call them, testimonials are one of the BEST ways to sell your brand, business, your products or yourself to new customers and clients. You can have the best sales-copy in the world, but if it isn’t backed by real users saying how much they love you/your product and what it’s done for them, you’re going to miss out on a lot of sales!

I share my testimonials on every page that I’m selling something and in a sidebar widget using Testimonials by Aihrus.

Sarah MorganXO SarahDetroit