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Dan HostettlerSwiss Glamour & Nude PhotographerStudioPraguePrague, Czech Republic

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Michael HensenNew Media Developer | CEOOrganik Design Studio.comVirginia Beach, VA

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SPwebanuWeb DeveloperIndia


We have used the testimonials plugin on a site for a client and felt we should make a donation. It looks great by the way.

Best wishes

Bahman FarzadProfitengineersCambridge
Abhi - Axelerant Retreat 2015 - Goa India

You are doing an amazing job with getting a process and the tools in place that make working with each other seamless!

Abhi GoelDirector of SalesAxelerantAtlanta
Nitika - Axelerant Retreat 2015 - Goa India

Thank you for appreciating my ideas and allowing me to take ownership for my work.

Nitika NehraAssistant Manager HRAxelerantVasant Kunj, India
Nitika - Axelerant Retreat 2015 - Goa India

Great HRMS document. Very comprehensive and well documented. Cheers for new system in place.

Nitika NehraAssistant Manager HRAxelerantVasant Kunj, India
Ankur Gupta

Axelerant and i have benefitted tremendously with you being here in India. I know its been very difficult for you being away from family for so long.. Many thanks.

Ankur GuptaCEO, Director of EngineeringAxelerantGurgaon, India
Aliya Khan

Thank you Michael for making work easy for us.

Aliya KhanFrontend DeveloperAxelerantSrinagar, India
Abhi - Axelerant Retreat 2015 - Goa India

Thanks for bringing so many conversations out in the open. Its not easy to be so honestly open sometimes, and you are really making that possible at Axelerant.

Abhi GoelDirector of SalesAxelerantAtlanta