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All about Aihrus, helping the passionate and socially responsible with their websites

Hello, I’m Michael Cannon, Peichi’s smiling man, an adventurous water-rat, chief people officer, cyclist, full stack developer, poet, WWOOF’er, and world traveler. At my core, I’m happiest being productive, doing something different, living simply, and sharing with people.

Asia, biking, Michael Cannon, Shihmen Reservior-石門水庫, Taiwan-台灣Aihrus is the company through which I support non-profit and small business clients, develop software-based products, and provide business, IT, and software development related mentoring around the world.

Germany, India, and Taiwan have been my homes since 2008. Each year, since 2005, I’ve visited an average of 5 countries. In 2012, it was 14 countries. In 2013, 10 or so . In 2014, there were 6 countries in 5 weeks alone.

Are you looking for…

  • Stronger leadership
  • Happy, profitable clients
  • Fresh ideas
  • Reusable code
  • Better management of your technology projects
  • A team mentor
  • A believer in sustainable, professional relationships

I’ve Got Credentials…

The catch? I’m looking for…

  • Meaningful work
  • Helping others
  • Open-minded peers
  • Variety
  • Challenge
  • Responsibility
  • Travel
  • Creativity
  • Recognition
  • High morale environment

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